What are the highlights of 3D holographic display cabinet? What scenarios can I apply to?

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More and more industry exhibition centers are using holographic display cabinets.

When you are in museums, science and technology museums and exhibition halls, you can almost see 3D holographic projection display cabinets.


Why is the 3D holographic projection display cabinet so popular?
First, most of the exhibits are precious, such as cultural relics and jewelry. For the sake of security, holographic display cabinets are used.
Second, the holographic display cabinet exhibits better than the traditional display methods. The display cabinet added with the interactive system can,
Tourists can rotate, zoom in and watch the details of the exhibits to view them more comprehensively and clearly.
Finally, the development of modern holographic projection technology can quickly attract people's attention, which is very helpful to the exhibition of exhibits.


Having said the advantages of holographic display case, if you want to display your collection with holographic display case, you may want to know the basic composition and configuration list of holographic display case first.
A standard holographic projection display cabinet list should include hardware equipment, software modules and video content.
Hardware device:
Showcase cabinet body: Showcase cabinet body is generally characteristic, and the appearance can be designed according to your own needs or the exhibition hall environment. At the same time, the shape of the cabinet body can also be customized.
Spectroscopic mirror surface: generally, coated glass is used as the spectroscopic mirror surface, which plays a role in image refraction in the whole system.
Playback equipment: a multimedia engineering server that plays exhibits and content. Generally, interactive software and video content are here.
Display equipment: LCD TV (display) is commonly used to display animated images on the imaging medium.
Central control equipment: If you need to interact with the product content, such as switching exhibits, rotating and zooming in, you need to.
Screen splitter: It is a tetrahedral cone made of transparent materials (glass or transparent organic board) and is the imaging medium of the whole system.
Accessories: some wire rods and other accessories.

Software: mainly interactive software, which controls the contents of exhibits.
Content video: it refers to the digital content of the exhibits, which needs to be modeled and 3D animated.

Holographic display cabinets are generally divided into three types: 180, 270 and 360 degrees, mainly focusing on the difference of viewing visual surface.
As for the price of the holographic display case, it depends on the size of the display case, the style of the case, the content of the exhibits, the interaction demand and other factors.
Generally speaking, the larger the size of the showcase, the more complex the video content, the higher the interaction degree, and the higher the price.


Application field of holographic display case
1. Display of high-end goods such as jewelry, watches and digital products. 2. High end hotels and senior clubs are used to display the corporate LOGO.
3. Application in real estate, banking and other industries 4. Application in large exhibition halls and science and technology museums
5. Application of theme parks and tourist attractions 6. Application of stage performances and entertainment venues






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