An excellent multimedia exhibition hall

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Digital multimedia exhibition hall, a new form of presentation that many enterprises will adopt,
In the exhibition hall design, if the space element design style is the soul, the multimedia design exhibition item is the flesh and blood of the exhibition hall,
That is to create a digital experience environment of "creativity and technology", and an exhibition hall with perfect integration of soul and flesh and blood.


In space design, the key to successful exhibition hall design is how many visitors it attracts,
This shows the uniqueness of the design of the exhibition hall. The most unique thing is to make everyone realize the originality of the design of the exhibition hall,
Of course, this is a kind of appearance design that needs to be innovative. At the same time, the exhibits in the exhibition hall are also very important. The excellent design of the exhibition hall pursues visual attraction and impact.
At the same time, we should be able to integrate with the exhibition content. From the whole design to the content, we need to conform to the theme of the exhibition hall and effectively integrate into one,
Only in this way can we arouse the interest of visitors and deepen the memory and recognition!

Multimedia exhibition project design is the integration of multiple media, generally including text, sound, image and other media forms.
The application of multimedia can bring visitors into a new field of perception and cognition, and perfectly combine fashion, technology and interactivity.
The original functional area, rest area, meeting area, etc. are designed in the enterprise exhibition hall. This not only improves the scope of corporate culture display, but also enhances the effect of corporate management and planning display,
So that visitors and relevant leaders can increase their deep impression on the enterprise.
In the design of enterprise exhibition halls, multimedia technology can run through the whole soft and hard decoration, which is the extension of enterprise exhibition halls from static to dynamic,
The emergence of multimedia makes the entire enterprise exhibition hall full of vitality and vitality. For example, ground interaction can not only be appreciated by the audience, but also interact,
The audience will be fully integrated into the scene and the exhibition hall, and enjoy it for a lifetime.


Common multimedia systems in the exhibition hall include

Enterprise exhibition hall central control, large screen splicing display system, exhibition hall touch query system, multi screen linkage system, interactive large screen, electronic sand table, holographic projection, etc

The enterprise digital multimedia exhibition hall can optimize the enterprise image to a large extent,
It enables customers to have a more detailed understanding of the company's products, and at the same time, it enables customers to trust the company more. It also provides a good place for customers to visit and negotiate,
How to reasonably coordinate the use of various multimedia technologies in the exhibition hall is an important part of the multimedia exhibition hall.






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