What are the characteristics and applications of OLED transparent screens?

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OLED transparent screen is one of the display products that are well matched with glass curtain wall and window display due to its transparency, lightness and thinness,
It can greatly attract the attention of customers, enhance the attention of stores, enhance the brand image, and promote the sales of merchants.
Therefore, you can see the "figure" of OLED transparent screen in many places.

What are the characteristics and applications of OLED transparent screens? Now let's have a look


Features of OLED Transparent Screen

Both LCD (liquid crystal) and OLED can be transparent, but OLED has the inherent advantage of being a transparent TV because of its self luminous characteristics.

The OLED screen itself is self luminous, which means that each red, green or blue sub pixel on the screen will emit light by itself,
It does not need to rely on additional backlight.


OLED screen can eliminate the common modules such as liquid crystal layer and backlight layer in traditional LCD screen, achieve higher color contrast, and ensure sufficient thinness in shape.
This innate structural feature also meets the needs of many customers who want to thin, even bend and fold the display screen.


On the basis of the original four pixels of red, green, blue and white, the OLED transparent screen adds a new transparent sub-pixel.
This pixel does not emit light or participate in image display, but it is made of highly transparent materials.
When countless such pixels are evenly distributed on the panel, the screen will naturally get a certain transparency effect, but at the same time, it can give consideration to the display of color images.


On the whole, nearly half of the total pixels of the OLED transparent screen are completely transparent,
The transparent area is large enough and evenly distributed, so it can achieve high transparency in terms of visual effect,
The other half of the display area composed of WRGB also has more than half of the pixels to display images, so the display level is also high.


OLED transparent screen, the display subject can not only see the picture of the TV itself, but also see the wall and decorations on the back of the TV through the screen,
Even the light in the real world will affect the picture.




Application of OLED Transparent Screen



The retail experience store adopts oled transparent window to enhance the brand and help set the store atmosphere,
Especially in consumer electronic products, the entire wall of the store uses an oled transparent display screen, which can become an active decoration.


sales center

OLED transparent screen can further display the detailed information of the building with the sand table of the sales center,
For example, price, regional positioning, surrounding scenes=, etc. The effect is no less than that of sales personnel familiar with business.
OLED transparent screen, as the carrier of brand value promotion, the platform of information release, and the method of experiential marketing, is increasingly favored by users in the real estate industry.


Cultural hall

The display cabinet made of transparent screen can not only display the general items with the ordinary display cabinet, but also play the introduction of the display items on the screen, and display them to tourists in the form of animated pictures or text.
Visitors can not only see the objects in the display cabinet, but also better understand the history and culture of this cultural relic through the touch interaction of the screen on the surface of the display cabinet,
Increasing the interest of tourists to achieve the ultimate goal of the museum.



This is an introduction to the characteristics and applications of OLED transparent screens. Do you know more about OLED transparent screens?
As the overall technology of OLED screen industry is increasingly mature, and it is gradually connected with the concepts of mobile Internet and new retail, the huge imagination space of OLED transparent screen in the media industry has gradually become reality.






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