What are the application markets of picture frame advertising machine?

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The multimedia technology elements and visual presentation of the picture frame advertising machine make the popular business handling and waiting process interesting, customer-oriented, through human-computer interaction such as video display and interactive touch, give people an interesting experience, make the rush of "queuing to do things" more "intelligent" leisure, and completely get rid of the bad impression of filling out forms, waiting in long lines and cumbersome processes of traditional things, The large screen of the eye-catching picture frame advertising machine plays videos such as brand image advertisements and business information in real time, as well as real-time news and service products and other relevant information to help customers understand information hotspots in a timely manner, so that the waiting time is no longer boring.



What are the advantages of frame advertising machine?


1. The target audience is accurate and targeted at the audience who is about to buy;


2. The advertising forms with novel styles and fashionable shopping malls can better integrate with the environment, and are also applicable in pedestrian streets and shopping malls;


3. With strong anti-interference, consumers enter the supermarket to buy products and pay attention to the shelves. At present, there is only one form of advertising. The use of multimedia advertising next to the products can better guide consumers to buy;


4. There is no modification cost. The traditional paper print advertising mode is changed, and there is no modification cost for the frame advertising machine to modify the advertising content;


5. The advertising period is long and can be broadcast for a long time. It is publicized for 365 days a year without special care;


6. Effectively cooperate with TV advertising, 1% of TV advertising costs, 100% of deepening TV advertising effects, can be consistent with the content of TV advertising, and continue to guide consumers to buy in the most important link of knowledge in the sales terminal; The cost is low, the audience is wide, and the cost performance is high. Here is the outstanding advantage of the frame advertising machine.







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