Tips for maintenance of LCD splicing screen

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Now the LCD splicing screen life is generally longer, but the daily maintenance is also essential. Below, Shenzhen Huayun vision will share with you some tips on the maintenance of LCD splicing wall:

1、Pay attention to the maintenance of the fuselage

The use of LCD splicing screen itself has a certain time limit. The switch of the body will cause certain damage to the splicing screen. Frequent switching may cause damage to the electronic components of the screen, which will naturally affect the use and life of the LCD splicing screen.

2、Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance

To adhere to the habit of regularly cleaning the splicing screen, you can use a wet cloth to clean the plywood screen. Pay attention not to use a wet cloth with too much moisture, so as to avoid moisture entering the screen, resulting in short circuit inside the splicing screen. Don't point your finger at the screen with your fingernails. It's easy to cause screen defects. That's why some users will find the bad points after using it for a period of time, and this situation is very difficult to remedy.

3、Pay attention to the maintenance of environmental factors

The surrounding environment has a direct impact on large screen LCD splicing. Using large screen splicing, if the light is too bright or even directly illuminated, it will affect the visual transmission of the picture; on the other hand, direct exposure will damage the electronic components of the screen. In addition, the ambient air humidity of large screen splicing should be appropriate, and excessive wetting of electronic equipment will affect the circuit condition and cause problems.

4、Pay attention to the maintenance of skills

Electrostatic phenomena often occur in electronic equipment, and LCD splicing screen is no exception. Static electricity can make the dust in the air adhere to the screen, so it must be properly arranged. Wet cloth should not be used in finishing. The wetting material not only has poor cleaning effect, but also may cause problems due to circuit wetting.





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