Construction scheme of LCD splicing screen

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With the continuous development of social economy and the continuous upgrading of science and technology, the use frequency and requirements of LCD splicing screen are also higher and higher. Today, I will give you the construction scheme of splicing screen, hoping to help you.

一、Environmental recommendations and requirements

1、Decoration suggestions

According to the experience accumulated in large LCD splicing display system engineering, the decoration suggestions are as follows:

1)、The whole decoration style is fresh and cool, and it is better to be simple and straightforward.

2)、No matter what kind of material is used to decorate the ceiling, the color should be milky white, or silver gray or light gray, but it should be matte colored, and the surface must not have strong reflection.

3)、The color of wall decoration board is bright and bright, with deep lines, appropriate parts with sound-absorbing materials, and the wall is mainly matte.

4)、The ground is best to use anti-static floor, carpet, dark color, or other non reflective ground materials.

2、Requirements for indoor display system

1)、The AC grounding resistance shall not be greater than 1 Ω.

2)、The sprinkler head must be away from the LCD display wall for 1 meters. Fire sprinklers should not be used. Spray extinguishing agents should be used.

3)、Power requirements: the power supply of the system is AC 220V 5%; three hole socket with protective grounding wire is used; the number of sockets is related to the number of display screen; the splicing system, splicing controller and control PC are required to supply power in the same phase. The power supply voltage should be stable and reliable, especially to prevent power on immediately after power failure. Therefore, in principle, the power supply of large screen splicing display system must be powered by corresponding ups.

4)、Load bearing requirement: long term bearing capacity of 150kg / m2.

5)、The installation ground shall be flat and solid with strong bearing capacity; the rack is generally directly installed on the cement floor; if it is required to be installed on the floor, it needs to be strengthened under the floor.

6)、As the decoration wall of splicing wall, the wall should be firm, the window should be straight without deformation, and the network cable of the system should be connected to the position of large screen controller.

7)、Large screen room requires constant temperature and humidity. Air conditioning should be installed on the back of large screen. The best working environment temperature is 18 ~ 25 ℃, and the best working humidity is less than 60%.

8)、The large screen room should be kept clean and dustproof to ensure that the screen and box of the large screen are clean.

9)、Large screen display wall to avoid direct light, shading with curtains.

10)、The machine room must be decorated and cleaned before large screen construction can be carried out.

11)、Users require post maintenance, so at least 0.6 meters of channel should be reserved behind the TV wall. If there is an operation console in the monitoring room, the installation height of the TV wall is required to be between 1.1 m and 1.2 m.

3、Requirements for lighting

1)、There is a dark area within 1 meter in front of the screen, so fluorescent tubes must not be installed. It can be installed with built-in downlights, which are arranged parallel to the screen and can be turned on and off independently. The light can't shine directly on the screen.

2)、The lights in the whole hall shall be controlled in groups parallel to the screen direction, and the light source with stronger light shall not be selected. The lighting layout principle is to make the working area have enough light intensity, but it will not have obvious influence on the screen.

3)、The light (such as windows) that may come into the hall on both sides should be covered (such as curtains, etc.).

4、Requirements for air conditioning

1)、For the air conditioner (central air conditioner or cabinet type air conditioner) located in the LCD wall, its outlet should be as far away as possible from the LCD wall (about 0.4 m is better), and the air from the outlet must not be directly blown against the LCD wall, but should be blown away from the LCD wall, so as to avoid damage caused by uneven heat and cold.

2)、The air conditioner (cabinet type machine) placed in front of the LCD splicing display wall should be blown away from the screen, not vertically to the screen, so as to avoid condensation on the screen.

3)、The air conditioner outlet in front of the LCD splicing display wall (on the ceiling) shall be at least 1m away from the screen.

二、System implementation process

Responsible for quotation, design, integration, connection and cooperation with application systems, organization of design liaison meeting, on-site installation, commissioning, user training and technical services.

It includes the following items:

1) Transportation, delivery, on-site equipment installation.

2) Provide delivery and installation schedule for all equipment.

3) Cooperation and management of site installation and operation.

4) Be responsible for connecting the large screen system to the operation dispatching automation system.

5) Provide acceptance, test plan and technical index of all equipment.

6) All hardware and software will be accepted and tested according to the contract requirements.

7) Design liaison meeting in the origin of the equipment and technical training for user staff.

8) Provide necessary spare parts, and guarantee the long-term preferential supply of vulnerable parts.

9) Necessary special tools and testing instruments shall be provided.

10) Provide manuals and drawings for field installation, inspection, testing, operation and maintenance.

11) Put forward the site and environment (including civil engineering and electrical) requirements of equipment installation site.

12) Be responsible for providing the acceptance outline of all equipment on-site acceptance, which will be used as the basis for site acceptance after being confirmed by both parties.

13) Technical training and further cooperation for users.


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