Electronic signature interactive photo system - make exhibition no longer boring!

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2020-12-09

Electronic signature system, also known as electronic message system and electronic signature wall, is a high-tech product based on digital handwriting technology, image recognition technology and multimedia software technology, providing a set of signatures, photos, messages, information broadcast in one of the high-tech products. Each visitor can maximize the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, making the single color paper font more vitality.


The electronic signature system is composed of touch screen and handwritten interactive software. The interface of the system is simple, modern and fluent. Input by handwriting, brush writing, signature pen writing and so on. Its technical principle is the integration of advanced handwritten numeral technology, image recognition technology and multimedia software technology. The signature image can not only be sent to the mobile phone, but also can be printed in real time by adding a printer. The signed photos can be "thrown" to the front-end large screen display terminal or projection screen through the screen swinging system of the system to form a signature picture wall.


Technical advantages:
1. The digital signature adopts the e-book writing screen with advanced technology in the industry, which is equipped with dual writing effect of hard pen and soft pen, and the font can be selected according to the writer's preference.
2. Use high-definition digital camera to take the completed picture and synthesize a signature photo with the signer, which can be printed in real time for commemoration.
3. External large screen equipment, real-time display of each guest's signature photos, or random rolling lottery activities with signature photos.
4. The signature system can be used to quickly query the seat information and venue information of the guests, so as to facilitate the guests to sit in quickly.
5. Photos of electronic signature can be made into a beautiful electronic signature album, which is a very good way to remember.
6. SMS interactive platform, guests send greetings through mobile phones, which are displayed on the large projection screen.
7. The corresponding signature table can be customized according to the needs of customers.


In recent years, many innovative devices have been developed in China. For museums, real estate marketing, urban planning, including exhibition planning and system integration, interactive multimedia, virtual reality, digital display film and other fields have created a lot of visual display results.

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