What is the slide screen? What kinds are there?

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2020-12-01

The slide screen is a multimedia interactive device for exhibition,
Its main principle is to move on the track through a large screen. When the screen moves to different points, it shows different contents.
"Slide screen" can be said to be a very popular multimedia interactive product in the exhibition industry.

According to the movement mode, the interactive slide screen can be divided into manual slide screen and electric slide screen.

According to different needs of users and different on-site environment, a variety of different motion modes of slide screen can be designed.


1. Manual slide screen
It is common to set multiple sensing points and content materials on the moving track of the screen with the light box as the background, and one-to-one correspondence with the contents of the light box. You can also manually push and pull the screen, and the points passed will show different contents.

2. Electric slide screen
The screen is driven forward by the electric device, and the virtual sensing point is set to start or stop the power plant. When the screen moves to the sensing point, the corresponding content will pop up. The software display content can also be adjusted according to the needs, and additional functions such as automatic cruise and return are added.

Both manual slide screen and electric slide screen are indispensable multimedia interactive devices in the exhibition. It is widely used in automobile exhibition, science and technology exhibition hall, digital exhibition hall, museum, government exhibition hall and other places, greatly improving the exhibition effect for enterprises.






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