Size specification and calculation method of LED display screen

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LED display screen can be seen everywhere in life, such as display screen, broadcast screen, exhibition hall, etc., but how to calculate the LED size, do you know? Today, let's learn about the calculation method of LED screen size.


LED screen is generally made of unit board module. The common models of LED unit board modules are p1.25, p1.875, P2, p2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P10, p16……

Each model has different sizes. Take P4 as an example: the size of P4 module is 256x128mm

After understanding some basic data above, we can take a look at it through an example.

For example:

If you need an indoor full-color LED screen with the length and width of 4m and 3M respectively, use P3 screen,

How to calculate its actual length and height?

Maybe some friends don't understand what this question means. Since there are already length and width, why should we calculate it? Because the LED screen is composed of multiple module unit boards, it is necessary to calculate how many module unit boards are needed for a large screen with a length of 4m and a width of 3M.

1. First, calculate the number of cell boards required for length and height (divide the length and width of the whole screen by the length and width of the unit board respectively, and take the integer)

We know the basic data of P3 from the above, and the number of modules is calculated as follows:

Long:4000mm/256mm15.6 pcs16 pcs

Wide:3000mm/128mm=23.4 pcs24 pcs

Because the module has a minimum unit of 1, it is rounded.

2. Multiply the length of the unit by the actual size of the unit

Long:16 x 256mm4096mm=4.096m

Wide:24 x 128mm3072mm=3.072m

3. Actual LED screen area:

Therefore, the actual led area is 4.096 x 3.072m = 12.6m2


Outdoor LED is spliced by the box, the size of the box is more than the module, but the calculation method is similar! You need to round the first number to calculate the screen size. 


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