How to maintain LCD advertising machine?

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How to maintain LCD advertising machine?

With the rapid development of society in recent years, a variety of scientific and technological products have emerged, here we have to say that in this era of technology, there is an advertising magic weapon on the street, that is, "LCD advertising machine". As an indispensable and important equipment of advertising media, LCD advertising machine is widely used in various industries. More and more businesses are choosing to use LCD advertising machine to spread their products or corporate culture. In order to better, correct use of LCD advertising machine, ensure the normal use of advertising machine in the work, the following by Shenzhen Huayun Vision Editor to explain how to maintain LCD advertising machine. The maintenance of  body LCD advertising machine itself has a certain period of time. The switch of body will cause some damage to LCD advertising machine. Frequent switch will only cause damage to screen electronic components, which will naturally affect the use of advertising machine and affect its life.
1.Maintenance of environmental factors
The use environment of LCD advertising machine will directly affect the use effect and life of the advertising machine. If the light is too bright, or even direct light, on the one hand, it will affect the visual transmission of the advertising machine, on the other hand, direct light will damage the screen electronic components. In addition, LCD advertising machine is located in a suitable ambient air humidity, too wet electronic equipment will only affect the circuit situation, causing problems.
Maintain the habit of cleaning advertising machine regularly, use wet cloth to clean LCD screen, pay attention to avoid using wet cloth with too heavy moisture content, in order to avoid water entering the screen and lead to internal short circuit failure of LCD. It is suggested to wipe LCD screen with soft wipes such as glasses cloth and lens paper. In order to avoid unnecessary scratches on LCD advertising screen.
3.Technical Maintenance
Electrostatic phenomena often occur in electronic devices, and advertising machines are no exception. Static electricity will cause dust in the air to attach to the advertising machine, so it must be properly cleaned up. Wet cloth should not be used when cleaning. Wet cloth not only has poor cleaning effect, but also may cause wet circuit. Therefore, the maintenance of advertising machines should be skilled.
4.Screen Maintenance
In order to avoid scratching by hard objects on LCD screen of outdoor advertisement machine, protective film should be added on the surface of LCD screen. The color LCD screen without protective film is very fragile. Any scratch will leave traces. Special protective sticker for LCD screen can be used, which has a certain effect on protecting LCD screen.





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