Characteristics of Multimedia LCD Advertising Machine

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What are the characteristics of multimedia LCD advertising machines?

When we talk about information media, most people think directly of newspapers, radio, television, or the Internet. But today's information publishers are not satisfied with the traditional information channels that have a wide range of audiences but no targeted. The information media market is shifting from mass marketing to mass marketing. In the era of product and consumer segmentation, the limitation of traditional media is that it can not effectively distinguish the target audience of products. Multimedia advertising machine plays an immeasurable role in the rapid and effective dissemination of multimedia information. The following edition will show you the characteristics of multimedia advertising machine.
Multimedia advertising machines are suitable for the following occasions:
1. Multimedia advertising machines are mainly used in residential buildings, elevators, supermarkets, specialty stores, companies, enterprises and other fields.
2. Installation of residential buildings downstairs and other places can advertise fire safety and other functions.
3. Can be installed in the elevator to broadcast advertisements and other video, pictures, promotional films and other promotional materials.
4. Supermarket can replace traditional posters, and can play audio and other functions that traditional posters do not have.
5. Characteristic stores are specialty stores. They can mainly publicize the growing environment of various products or various implicatures, or they can directly introduce products, etc.
6. Corporate enterprises can be used as propaganda materials of the company, product information of the company's development history, etc.
Summary: Multimedia advertising machine has the functions of playing video, pictures, audio, network connection control, product introduction, and so on. It uses more than these industries, such as electronic photo frames in the home studio, etc. As long as you can imagine where you can have his figure.
Multimedia Advertising Machine has some characteristics, which make Multimedia Advertising Machine present the following characteristics:
1. Time-domain: Multimedia LCD advertising machine aims to occupy the advertising market share. Since the advertising machine can carry out advertising communication beyond the time and space constraints, the media companies will have more time for advertising broadcasting, while the advertising machine is on standby 24 hours a day, anywhere and anytime. At the request of many media companies, Huayun Vision Advertising Machine has switching time to broadcast advertisements, effectively disseminating and displaying the effectiveness of advertisements.
2. Multimedia: Multimedia LCD advertising machine design can disseminate a variety of media information. Such as text, sound, image and other information, make advertising more vivid, more human-oriented.
3. Personalization: Promotion on multimedia LCD advertising machine is not only a one-to-one, rational, consumer-oriented, non-compulsory, step-by-step promotion, but also a low-cost and humanized promotion, avoiding the interference of strong sales promotion by salesmen, and establishing long-term good relations with consumers through information provision.
4. Growth: Most of the viewers of multimedia LCD advertisement machines belong to young, middle-class and highly educated groups. Because of their strong purchasing power and strong market influence, multimedia advertisement is a potential market channel.
5. Advance: Multimedia LCD advertising machine breaks away from the traditional advertising mode, such as traditional flyers, newspapers and periodicals, while advertising machines are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, multi-directional to provide a variety of communication, easy to be accepted by the majority of groups.
6. Efficiency: Multimedia LCD advertising machine can store a large amount of information, the quality of information transmitted far exceeds other media, and in response to market demand, timely update or adjust information, timely and effective to meet customer needs.
7. Economy: Replacing leaflets, newspapers and TV advertisements with advertisements transmitted by multimedia LCD advertisers can reduce the cost of printing, mailing and expensive TV advertisements on the one hand, and on the other hand, CF and SD cards can be rewritten many times to reduce the losses caused by multiple exchanges.
8. Technical: Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Multimedia LCD Advertising Machine is built on the basis of high technology as the equipment of media company. It must have certain technical support to implement marketing, change traditional ideas, enhance the needs of media companies and customers, and need compound talents familiar with advertising machine operation, computer technology, video editing, image and image processing. Only in the competition of the future market can we have advantages.





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