Introduction to the Main Functions of Multimedia Touch Teaching

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2018-12-13

It is a more convenient, efficient and professional teaching speech and conference tool. The main development direction of teaching-in-one machine is schools, training industry and major companies.

The Main Functions of Multimedia Touch Teaching

1. Safe and reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection, all-metal shell, no sharp edges and corners; low power consumption, low radiation, first-class energy efficiency, in line with the national 3C and energy-saving requirements;
2. Riot-proof and glare-proof toughened glass, which can effectively restrain the interference of external environment light, has soft and non-dazzling images;
3. Compatible with Android and computer dual-system touch operation, no need for computers can also normal Internet access, play multimedia files, PPT demonstration and other interactive teaching, according to their own needs to install application software;
4. Simple wireless, ultra-thin design, save space, wall mounting bracket or mobile bracket installation;
5. Humanized design, simple maintenance. The front-end multi-function button and computer USB interface are used to facilitate users to easily copy files; plug-in OPS computer has low power consumption, good heat dissipation, stable performance, easy maintenance, configuration can be customized according to user requirements;
6. The application software is complete. Equipped with electronic whiteboard software and mobile phone interactive software, it can gather eyeballs, improve the sense of science and technology, presence and vivid image of presentation and speech.





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