What are the advantages of LCD advertising machines?

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LCD advertising machine, also known as LCD advertising machine, LCD advertising machine placement environment is divided into indoor and outdoor. The function types are divided into stand-alone version, online version, and touch version. LCD display is used to play video advertisements, especially suitable for high-end brand integrated multimedia technology, to deliver a full range of product information, promotional information, etc. to consumers. At present, the applications in life are everywhere, and banks, shopping malls, elevators, leisure plazas and stations can basically see their presence. In addition to advertising, LCD advertising can also insert other information, such as entertainment videos, trend information, current affairs news and so on. It has the function of releasing information information to a specific group of people at a specific time and at a specific place. So, what are the advantages of LCD advertising machines? Today, the advertising machine manufacturer Huaysky will do an analysis of the media communication advantages of LCD advertising machines for you:

Advantage 1: Change the passive play mode of advertising
The mission of the ground-standing vertical LCD advertising machine was to change the passive communication mode and attract customers to actively browse advertisements through interactive methods. The development direction of the advertising machine has also continued this mission. The LCD advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent devices. It is composed of terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display to form a complete advertising broadcast control system, and through multimedia materials such as pictures, texts, videos, widgets, weather, exchange rates, etc. Advertising. Intelligent interaction, public services, entertainment interactions, etc.

Advantage 2: Good visual impact
LCD advertising machines have unparalleled advantages in transmitting information and expanding influence in public places. They can publish advertisements for a long time. LCD advertising machines run 24 hours a day. Outdoor vertical advertising machines are persistent and all-weather media. This feature makes it easier for the audience to see, and it will last forever with the needs of customers. Online media also has similar advantages, but in the virtual world, the audience needs a series of prerequisites to get close, and the outdoor LCD advertising machine is more thorough because of the uniqueness of the physical space.

Advantage 3: Be a tool to interact with customers
The LCD advertising machine can act as an additional salesperson or customer service representative. When the relevant personnel are in a busy state, the setting can be used to allow the advertising machine to display specific content to the customers waiting for the service, which not only explains to some extent the boring feeling of the customer waiting process, enhances the consumption experience, and can also promote through relevant information. To achieve the purpose of promoting its own brand to enhance customer satisfaction and purchase desire.

Advantage 4: Being able to control the display content to the audience at will
The user can freely play or close the display information according to the actual situation, including the time node, the flow of people, etc., to ensure the maximum efficiency of information transmission.

The above is a four-point introduction to the analysis of the advantages of the LCD advertising machine by Huaysky.






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