Elimination of Internal and External Faults of LCD Splice Screen

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2019-09-05

一. Elimination of external faults of LCD spliced screen
1. Image without sound:
Check if the sound is set to silent mode and reset the volume mode. (For details, please refer to the instructions for use)
If it is offline, no sound will first check whether the external sound line is damaged and the connection is correct. 
2. No electricity, black screen:
(1) When the above phenomenon occurs, the first thing to check is whether the power plug, socket and wiring are loose, and whether the switch (OSD key or remote control) is on or off. 
(2) If the machine is equipped with a timer, it is necessary to check whether the red and green indicator lights of the timer are on at the same time. If only the red indicator lights up and the green indicator lights are not on, it may be a problem of clock setting, as long as the clock is set correctly (see the instructions for use for details), the trouble can be eliminated. 
(3) If the machine has software timing function, check whether the clock settings in the software are correct (see the instructions for details). 
3. If the above method can not eliminate your fault, refer to the internal fault phenomena elimination method see II.
4. Do not read CF cards
If the document in CF card is incorrectly established, the LOOP document should be re-established; if the encryption machine is used, the advertisement should be encrypted (see the instructions for details).
二.Elimination methods for internal faults of LCD spliced screen: 
1. Flower Screen: It is called Flower Screen that there is no display or abnormal display in a certain area on the LCD screen. Checking method: Check whether the signal transmission line inserted on the LCD screen is loose or not, which causes bad contact. If this happens, the signal line will be inserted and fixed, and check whether the problem is solved. If this situation is not possible, the LCD screen is not good.
2. Dark screen (screen does not display, flash screen): LCD screen has been in the black screen when playing advertisements, dark screen, flash screen and other situations are called dark screen. Elimination method: Check whether the power output is normal, if the power output voltage is unstable (voltage value does not reach 11-12V), it can be confirmed that the power supply is not good. If the power output is normal, the driver board and the inverter need to be replaced one by one until the fault is eliminated.
3. No power (black screen): may be bad built-in power supply or bad internal drive board; check method: check whether the power output is normal, if no power output can confirm bad power supply, if the power output is normal, it may be bad drive board. 4. Automatically circulate red, green and blue pictures on the power-on rear screen. Removal methods: signal line loosening or bad driving board.
5. Do not read the card, if the cause of external failure does not exist, it is necessary to replace the decoder board (integrated board). 
6. No signal: When the screen is on, the words "no signal" appear on the screen are called "no signal". Elimination: Check whether the internal video line and the 5V power line input to the decoder board are loose or not. If there is no such phenomenon, the decoder board or driver board should be replaced. After replacement, check whether the failure disappears.






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