What is the difference between a stand-alone version and a web-based advertising machine?

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Nowadays, online advertising machines have been fully utilized in the market. At present, online advertising machines are widely used in hotels, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, high-speed rail stations, cultural entertainment, government announcements, business halls and many other public places. The best platform for today's ad display. We have seen the online version of the advertising machine and the stand-alone version of the advertising machine, but we can not distinguish between the appearance and appearance, then, what is the difference between the stand-alone version of the advertising machine and the online version of the advertising machine?

1, different storage methods
 The stand-alone version generally uses U disk storage, and can also be expanded to hard disk storage. The online version generally uses an SD card and can also expand the hard disk.

2, different security modes
The stand-alone version is encrypted by file and then copied into the U disk for playback. The online version must have a username and password to enter the background to be replaced.

3, the program update method is different
The stand-alone advertising machine uses an advertising device such as a CF, a USB flash drive or an SD storage device for program update. Updating the program is a form that requires manual replacement of a new program card. The advertisement content to be played (typesetting on the computer) is input into the CF/SD card, and then a form of playing the advertisement is output through the advertisement machine terminal, which is suitable for the user with less machine number or less frequent program update. The online version of the advertising machine mainly has a network function, which mainly realizes the terminal's playback control of the advertisement information through the remoteness of the computer, can realize the device management, the adjustment of the terminal state, and even realize the online real-time subtitle, picture, log, video, etc. remotely. Inserted, the whole system is more convenient, safe and efficient to use. If it is an Android network solution, you can also install the APP; it is more suitable for users with a large number of machines and frequent program updates.

4, the playback screen is different
When the stand-alone version of the advertising machine is playing, the split-screen function will be limited by the size of the material size. The online version of the split screen function is more powerful, and supports more formats; that is, playing multiple pictures, can play video, picture, text, time, weather forecast, logo at the same time.

Compared with the stand-alone advertising machine, the online version of the advertising machine mainly occupies the middle and high-end consumer market. With regard to the current market demand and the consumer's ability to withstand such products, the stand-alone advertising machine and the online version of the advertising machine will continue to coexist. But the share of online advertising machines will grow bigger and bigger. No matter what advertising machine, it can play its own advantages, there is no best, only the most suitable, so we should choose according to their own needs.

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