LCD splicing screen image is not clear how to debug

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    LCD splicing screen is currently one of the most popular large display screens used by users. Its application fields have spanned various industries such as entertainment, security, broadcasting and television. In fact, during the installation process of the LCD splicing screen, the hardware installation of the LCD splicing screen system is usually relatively simple and does not take too much time; while the debugging is relatively complicated, then how to operate in the case of unclear image display in actual operation? This article will simply analyze the unclear debugging of LCD splicing screen image display.

    The problem of unclear images on the LCD splicing screen mainly includes: low brightness, poor edge focus, ghosting (image smearing), interference with stacked stripes (signal source resolution is too high), or jagged (dropped frames) images, etc. Image display is part of a system. Video signal sources such as DVDs, cameras, computers, etc. are processed by control transmission products such as matrix switchers, distributors, and signal transmission cables, and then displayed on the display terminal. If the display is not satisfactory, you cannot immediately determine that a product is defective.

     Commonly used debugging methods for unclear display of LCD splicing screen are as follows:

     Eliminate first: You can check in sections first, assuming that there is a problem in a certain section, and then check it out to eliminate it; if the problem is not resolved, you must exclude all equipment one by one, first check the resolution of the signal source and the display terminal. Is the resolution the same? Only in this way can the point-to-point display be formed, and the brightness of the image can be significantly improved. If it is a video signal, it depends on whether its format can be adapted to the display terminal. If it cannot meet the requirements of the display terminal, you can pass Change the equipment or add conversion equipment to change the nature of the signal.

     Secondly, see if the bandwidth of the splitter and matrix switcher and its impedance to the signal source can minimize the image loss within the range of the standard distance. Finally, see whether the focus and convergence of the display device is normal, and whether the signal processing circuit is good. The most important thing is: during the construction, the signal connector is strictly controlled, the interface is secure, the wiring is neat, the power line and the signal line are separated, and Reliable grounding. If the UPS power supply is not used, the grounding of the AC power supply must be shared. The two ends of the line must be marked to facilitate inspection and management. 

In addition, the image has ghosting. You need to check whether the transmission cable is too long and thin. The solution is to change the cable or add a signal amplifier and other equipment. If the focus is not good, you can adjust the display terminal and so on.

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