What equipment do I need to install in the conference room splicing screen?

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Splicing screens are rapidly rising in the market and are widely used in various fields, especially in enterprises. Because of their LCD properties, which do not produce blurred images when viewed indoors at close range, indoor small-pitch LED displays are very popular. It can be used as a large display screen, but the price is too expensive, and the splicing screen is relatively cost-effective; for large conference rooms, the matching equipment of the splicing screen is essential. The following will be discussed by Huaysky What equipment does the splicing screen need? Let's take a look together. I hope it can help everyone.

Anyone who knows the splicing screen industry knows that to build a splicing screen system, it is important to choose the matching equipment, and the equipment can be selected as appropriate.

I. LCD splicing screen: It is the splicing unit that presents images. Currently, the mainstream sizes on the market are 46/49/55 inches. You can choose the appropriate size and model according to the area of the wall.
Second, the bracket to fix the splicing screen: It depends on the installation method. There are four main ways to install the LCD splicing screen: floor-standing bracket installation, cabinet installation, wall-mounted installation, and embedded installation. For example, if installing in a cabinet, you should build a cabinet to ensure the smooth installation of the splicing screen.
3. Splicing screen processor: It is mainly to split a video signal into multiple display units, output the divided display unit signals to multiple display terminals, and complete the splicing of multiple display screens to form a complete image. Most are built-in processors, which can meet the functions and needs of large screens.
Fourth, the video cable: cable selection should choose high-quality, to avoid the occurrence of splash screen, noise.
V. Video distributor (matrix): A device that evenly distributes a video signal source into multiple video signals. Generally, the number of output channels is larger than the number of splicing screens. If the conference room needs monitoring functions, a network matrix can be added as appropriate.
6. Power supply: The overall power of the splicing screen system is relatively large, and a stable power supply must be provided.

7. Computer: Used to install large screen control software, which is provided by the manufacturer.
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