How to connect LCD splicing screen to computer?

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In the age of science and technology, LCD splicing screen is the best technology crystal, and LCD splicing screen is the aggregation point of technology elements. With the rapid development of information technology in the past, the big screen is the best information carrier. After years of development in China, the LCD splicing screen technology has reached high-definition, high-brightness, and high-color technology. It also integrates embedded hardware splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, and signal switching technology. New breakthrough point. How can the LCD splicing screen be connected to the computer?

First, choose the right LCD splicing screen cable

 Compared to the current mixed market, choosing a good LCD splicing screen connection cable is undoubtedly the most important. This point will directly affect the connection and use of the LCD splicing screen, the best is to be purchased by professionals. In the process of purchasing LCD splicing screens through manufacturers, they are usually equipped with special connection cables. These are original products, and the quality will be better. You can insert the corresponding interface when connecting later. Then, when the connection line is lost, it is recommended that you can find friends in some industries to help you buy, so as not to suffer losses because you do not understand.

How do I connect to a computer with a professional cable?

The connection of the LCD splicing screen is the hardware connection first. So how does this computer connect to the LCD splicing screen? Users who have used the LCD splicing screen know that there are many signal interfaces on the splicing device behind the LCD splicing screen. Such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, component, terminal, and connected to the computer is the VGA interface. Under normal circumstances we can find the VGA interface connected on the line. Of course, LCD splicing screens are generally combined into one wall, and there are multiple LCD splicing screens, so how to connect them? Now we take 3 rows and 4 columns of splicing walls as examples. At this time, there are 12 LCD splicing screens. The signal is sent to each LCD splicing screen, how to do it?

  In fact, the method is very simple, because each LCD splicing screen behind the LCD splicing wall is equipped with a splicing processor, and multiple splicing processors are connected. In other words, after the combination of the video wall is completed, the entire large screen is equivalent to a display. We need to transmit the signal to the LCD video wall, and only need to connect all the computer signals. Of course, in practice, many industries need to use multiple computers to connect to the LCD splicing wall, at this time we need to be equipped with a matrix. The matrix interface is more abundant, we just need to find the corresponding interface.

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