Application fields of LCD splicing screen

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As the epidemic situation slowly eased, various companies resumed work and work started normally. Many areas began to have LCD splicing screens and purchase intentions, such as the command centers of some newly built early-warning agencies, dispatch centers for transportation management, and corporate conference rooms , Community bulletin boards, and so on, all need large screens to support the smooth progress of daily work. The LCD splicing screen can be arranged in any combination due to its ultra-narrow sides. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high brightness, high definition, wide color gamut, uniform brightness, and clear picture quality. It is favored by various industries and has become a new favorite in the current era. But many people don't understand its purpose, and today Huayun Vision takes everyone to understand its function.

Government and business meeting rooms

Conference rooms are the most widely used place for LCD splicing screens. Unlike traditional projectors in the past, LCD splicing screens display more efficient, clear, and realistic displays. At the same time, they can better meet the needs of the Internet development era. The effect is maximized. During this epidemic, LCD splicing screens have shown remarkable results in the field of remote video office. At the same time, they have also shown their powerful functions and conveniences in traffic command centers, emergency management centers, and monitoring management centers to ensure that various tasks are carried out smoothly.

Monitoring, big data platform

The monitoring center and big data platform use the characteristics of the splicing screen to support 7 * 24 hours of operation and modular design, to better implement multiple functions in the monitoring system, to retrieve a higher-definition real-time picture, and to analyze the data. More comprehensive, image, and fundamentally enhance the utility of building these systems.

Entertainment, shopping mall

In some movie theaters, music bars, chain stores and other places, whether it is used for information promotion or as the core terminal display device, the LCD splicing screen can always achieve the interactive large screen with the most suitable splicing scheme according to demand. Show, to the customers and people who come and go, cast the most shocking visual experience to promote consumption.

Exhibition hall and event venue construction

When we go to man exhibitions, art exhibitions, cultural relic exhibitions, etc., we will see that large-screen display devices play the role of "green leaves" in the venue, or rotate the detailed introduction of the displayed objects, or add icing on the cake to the intelligent display venue , Whether it is LCD splicing screen or small-pitch LED screen, touch advertising machine, all-in-one machine; large screen display is essential!

The LCD splicing screen can use both large-screen splicing and small-screen splicing; both single-screen display and full-screen or multi-screen display can be used. Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. can select the appropriate splicing method and suitable products according to the application requirements and system scale of the LCD splicing screen system proposed by customers, and design personalized solutions to meet customer needs.

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