The development trend of LCD splicing screen in 2020

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With the continuous development of large-screen technology, LCD splicing screens have developed from a single security surveillance to all industries now. The market for LCD splicing screens has increased, and more and more LCD splicing screen manufacturers have emerged, leading to industry competition. The degree of intensity is also increasing. Strong manufacturers are constantly seeking new directions for the development of LCD splicing screens, especially since the pneumonia epidemic during the Spring Festival, all companies in the country have been affected more or less. It is also a challenge. This will cause the large screen to be unable to produce normally, and it will be difficult to implement the project as scheduled. However, the day will get better and the pneumonia epidemic will gradually ease and cease to exist.

As the main product of splicing display, the LCD splicing screen has reached unprecedented heights in terms of technical stability and product parameters. The market application rate has also increased year by year. From the perspective of the development trend of the entire LCD splicing screen industry The development direction of large size and ultra high definition is the most obvious.

1. Large size-The current mainstream LCD screen sizes are 46-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, and 60-inch. In the past few years, 46-inch is the most widely used size, whether it is in monitoring display or in In other display fields, 46-inch LCD splicing screens can be regarded as the main splicing equipment of the entire front-end display, but as the demand for large-sized display products continues to rise, coupled with the upstream LCD panel manufacturers continue to increase the panel production line, making The size of the glass substrate of the LCD panel is getting larger and larger, and the size of the single-piece finished product that can be naturally cut has increased significantly, so that the main size of the entire LCD splicing market has changed from 46 inches to 55 inches. The same display area, 55 Inch requires fewer pieces to be stitched, and the visual display effect is better.

2. Digital high-definition development-With the improvement of technology, people's demand for electronic products is increasing. As an important display device, the LCD splicing screen is also indispensable for high-definition. It uses multiple signal sources to access and has a perfect super-large screen seamless display effect. The resolution can reach 1080p high-definition display standard and the brightness can reach 700cd. / m, the image can still be displayed naturally and clearly under strong light, and it can minimize the visual blind spots and visual splitting of the viewer, and perfectly restore the front-end surveillance video. Therefore, in the later stages of development, the technology continues to advance, and the demand for high-definition is also increasing.

Judging from the current development of the LCD splicing screen market, the popularity of LCD splicing screens is not far away. With the continuous innovation of LCD splicing screen technology and the continuous promotion of various manufacturers, LCD splicing screens have solid advantages, light weight, and long life. Good visual effects have been recognized by people. The development of LCD splicing screens in security buildings has also created the development of LCD splicing screens in other large areas. At present, in addition to security, it is also widely used in places such as entertainment venues, education, convention and exhibition centers, national defense construction, enterprises and institutions, advertising media, the military, and power. The popularity of LCD splicing screens adds a little color to our lives.

In 2020, with the quiet arrival of the 5G era, big data processing, smart cities, intelligent management and control platforms, visualization platforms, and remote command service platforms are still the leading centers in the field of splicing screen applications, which are inseparable from their own characteristics. This undoubtedly brings more opportunities to the LCD splicing screen industry. Those who can really seize the opportunity can take a share of it and build their own brand.





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