What equipment constitutes a complete LCD splicing screen?

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In recent years, as people's demand for large screens has grown, LCD splicing screens have entered the commercial display industry market as a new type of large-screen splicing display technology. More and more fields have started to demand and purchase intentions for LCD splicing screens. Many purchasers and project leaders do not know much about LCD splicing screens. Today, Huayun Vision will take you to understand: a complete set of What kind of equipment does the LCD splicing large screen have?
First, the splicing unit
The splicing unit for the final presentation of the image: LCD splicing screen. A complete large screen composed of multiple splicing units will give the audience the most intuitive visual impact. At present, the commonly used splicing screen sizes are: 46-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and conventional stitching are: 3.5mm , 1.8mm, 1.7mm, 0.88mm. The smaller the seam, the better the display effect.
Special bracket for splicing screen
The installation method of the LCD splicing screen is determined by the user's site survey, that is, determining which kind of bracket to use for hanging the screen. Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. currently recommends four kinds of brackets: wall-mounted bracket, floor-mounted bracket, cabinet bracket, Maintenance hydraulic stand.
Third, the splicing screen processor
The splicing screen processor can also be called the image processor, which is equivalent to the brain of the splicing screen, which processes the signal display effect on the large screen-such as multi-screen combined display, window opening, roaming, and superimposed display. The quality of the processor will directly affect the processing speed of the signal source, the sharpness of the picture, the quality of the soft edge fusion, etc. It plays an important role in the LCD splicing screen.
Fourth, the dedicated video cable:
DVI, HDMI, SDI and other high-quality cables that match the signal format. If the quality of the cable used is wrong, it may cause abnormal conditions such as noise, no signal, and splash screen.
Five, computer
Generally, a computer is also required to install the management software of the splicing screen and the splicer: control the switch of the splicing screen, the plan of the splicer, window layout, signal switching, etc. Software is provided by the manufacturer that provides the splicing processor
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