How to choose to buy LED display?

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The LED display screen, as a new media carrier, the moving luminous graphics, is more likely to attract attention, the amount of information is large, and it is updated at any time. It has a very good advertising and notice effect. LED screen is simpler than neon, easy to install and use, the effect changes more, can update the content at any time, it is a good indoor and outdoor visual media. Small LED bar screens are gradually accepted by the public because of their low price, simple installation and use, and they gradually enter large and small stores, and their applications become more popular and gradually begin to spread. It is not easy to choose a good LED electronic display, so how to choose a LED display?

The flatness of the surface of the LED display screen should be within ± 1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted. Local protrusions or recesses will cause a dead angle in the viewing angle of the LED display screen. The flatness is mainly determined by the production process.

2.Brightness and viewing angle
The brightness of the indoor full-color LED display must be above 800cd / m2, and the brightness of the outdoor full-color LED display must be above 1500 cd / m2 in order to ensure the normal operation of the display, otherwise the brightness will be too low to be clear. Displayed image. The brightness is mainly determined by the quality of the LED die. The size of the viewing angle directly determines the number of LED display audiences, so the larger the better. The size of the viewing angle is mainly determined by the packaging method of the die.

3.White balance effect
White balance effect is one of the important indicators for selecting LED display. In color science, pure white will be displayed when the ratio of the three primary colors of red, green, and blue is 1: 4.6: 0.16. If the actual ratio is a little off, the white balance will be off. Generally, you should pay attention to whether the white is blue or yellow Green phenomenon. The quality of the white balance is mainly determined by the control system of the LED display. The die also affects the reducibility of the color.

4, color reproduction
The reducibility of color refers to the reducibility of color to the LED display, that is, the color displayed by the LED display must be highly consistent with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure the authenticity of the image.

5.With or without mosaic and dead spots
Mosaic refers to the small four squares that are always bright or black on the LED display, which is the necrosis of the module. The main reason is that the quality of the connectors used in the LED display is not high. Dead point refers to a single spot that is always bright or black on the LED display. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the die.

6.With or without color blocks
块 Color block refers to the obvious color difference between adjacent modules. The color transition is based on the module. The color block phenomenon is mainly caused by poor control system, low gray level and low scanning frequency.

7, refresh frequency
The refresh frequency refers to the number of times the LED display screen is repeatedly displayed by the display screen. Theoretically, the higher the refresh frequency, the better the display effect. Generally, the indoor LED display screen refresh frequency is greater than 180HZ in civil or commercial LED display , Outdoor LED display refresh frequency is greater than 300HZ.

The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of purchasing the LED display. Huayun Vision hopes to provide you with effective help in the process of purchasing the LED display. For more questions about how to choose a led display, please call Huayun Vision: 400-098-8728

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