The effect of dust on the LCD splicing screen

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We all know that the impact of dust on electronic products is not small. If it enters the interior of electronic products, it will cause damage to the product, and if it is serious, it will even affect the normal use of the product. Liquid crystal splicing is an extremely high-tech electronic product, and dust has also greatly affected it. The LCD splicing screen movement uses a lot of optical components, and it is precisely the dust that damages the optical components the most. So today, Huayun Vision has popularized us what are the effects of dust on LCD splicing screens? How can we avoid it?

Dust brings 4 direct damages to the LCD splicing screen

1.The color wheel is damaged

The color wheel is a very important accessory on the LCD splicing screen. If a large amount of dust is absorbed inside the splicing screen, the rotation of the wheel will be unbalanced, which will cause the LCD splicing screen to not work properly. In addition, the color wheel will vibrate and hurt the motor. In addition, the speed of the color wheel may be reduced or unstable, causing malfunction. If the dust has entered the interior of the LCD splicing screen and needs to be handled, be sure to find a professional person to disassemble it to reduce the damage to the product itself.

2.Screen brightness drops

  The brightness of the LCD splicing screen is output through the reflective lens and lens. If dust is accumulated on the surface of the optical component, the reflectance and transmittance decrease with time to form a decrease in brightness. Over time, the brightness of the display screen gradually decreases, and the expected display effect cannot be achieved, which will greatly affect the service life of the LCD splicing screen.

3.Contrast drops

  Contrast is the maximum brightness value that can be output by the large-screen display unit divided by the darkest brightness value. When in a dark scene, dust on the optical components will reflect stray light, and project light that should not be emitted from the lens, adding dark parts Of brightness. Similarly, in the bright part, some light will be blocked by dust, reducing the amount of light reflection and transmission, and reducing the brightness value of the bright part. This will naturally reduce the contrast.

4. Reduced sharpness

  The decrease in sharpness is due to a change in the refractive index of the optical component. When the lens or lens surface is dusty, it is like a layer of bad material with an irregular refractive index on the lens surface, which results in the change of the light path, the focus is not on the same focus, and the imaging becomes blurred, affecting people's viewing. Therefore, we should use a professional screen cleaning solution and a relatively soft cloth to wipe the dust absorbed on the LCD splicing screen in time to prevent it from entering the screen and affecting internal hardware facilities.

4 maintenance methods of LCD splicing wall

1.Avoid strong impact

  Because the LCD splicing screen contains many precision glass components and electrical components, the LCD splicing screen is very delicate, and its ability to resist impact is also relatively poor. A strong impact will cause damage to the LCD splicing screen and other related components. In addition, do not put pressure on the surface of the LCD splicing screen, such as pointing a part of the screen with your fingers.

2.Keep dry use environment

  This is an important condition for the normal operation of the LCD splicing screen. The internal design of the LCD splicing screen is very precise. If the use environment is humid, it will easily oxidize and corrode and cause short circuits, which will cause huge economic losses to users. Therefore, try to keep the LCD splicing screen dry. If there is moisture on the screen surface, wipe it gently with a soft cloth before turning on the power. If it is said that moisture has entered the LCD splicing screen, the LCD splicing screen must be placed in a well-ventilated or warm place to allow its moisture to evaporate. If the situation is more serious, ordinary users can ask professional help. Do not allow the LCD splicing screen to be powered on when the moisture is not driven out, otherwise the LCD electrodes will be corroded and the LCD splicing screen will be permanently damaged.

3. Correctly clean the LCD splicing screen

  The LCD splicing screen has been used for a long time and is prone to some dust and dirt. Cleaning the LCD splicing screen is inevitable. When cleaning, we must adopt the correct cleaning method: use a soft, non-fiber absorbent cotton, lens paper or a soft cloth, etc. with a little glass cleaner, and gently wipe off the dust or dirt on the screen.

Do not use organic chemical solvents such as alcohol, and do not use rough cloth or paper items when cleaning, because these materials are prone to scratches and affect the display effect. Also pay attention not to spray the cleaning agent directly on the surface of the display screen, so that the cleaning agent can easily flow into the screen, resulting in a short-circuit failure inside the LCD splicing screen and causing unnecessary losses.

4, pay attention to the use of time to avoid long hours of work

We all know that LCD splicing screens require long-term uninterrupted work, but if the working time is too long, some LCD dots on the screen will overheat and cause burnout. Therefore, when using the LCD splicing screen, we should appropriately rest it, or change the content displayed on the screen. It can also make the working mode of the LCD splicing screen flavor protection mode, which can effectively prevent the pixels of the LCD splicing screen from overheating. This can lead to bad spots. This can not only extend the life of the LCD screen, delay the aging process, but also avoid hardware damage.

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