Digital interactive magic wall - multi touch interactive wall

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2022-10-21

On the basis of social development, touch screen all-in-one machine, splicing screen and other display devices are becoming more and more popular.
Today we will introduce a magic wall of multimedia digital interaction.
With the application of interactive software, we can form good modern social development technology, promote social and economic development, reflect higher display effect, and promote multimedia display effect to another level.


In the application of multimedia large screen, the function of multimedia digital interactive magic wall supports user-defined background pictures and user-defined function buttons;
Support playing video, pictures and audio; Support self startup, automatic shutdown and other functions, and support background data update;
It can better meet the basic display effect of the intelligent exhibition hall, form a higher level of development, realize the development of innovative culture in modern society, and show cool effects in a more innovative way,
So as to promote the development of market economy and social construction to a higher level.


The interactive wall adopts a new interactive display mode, so that the display effect of the spliced large screen is no longer single,
At the same time, it can effectively improve the exhibition hall development culture and better promote the new era of social construction and development,
Tourists can touch and click on the interactive wall to form a better interactive development value. At the same time, click to enlarge, and other pictures can be opened to continue rotating flow display.


The interactive magic wall is widely used in museums, science and technology exhibition halls, cultural theme halls and other large places.
The graphic content of each product can be displayed through interactive display, making the operation more user-friendly.
At the same time, the display effect can be modified as needed to give play to higher technical display effect, improve people's life happiness index, and technological progress will bring better interactive experience.
It can better improve the development ability of modern science, broaden the horizon, understand the richness of intelligent display industry, and enhance people's sense of happiness and participation in life,
Give play to higher scientific and technological efficiency.





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