Full-color LED display

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LED full-color screens continue to improve product technology, expand market space, and give full play to the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection to achieve better and creative new applications. LED full-color display shows the development trend of screen oversize, high-definition and high-density, energy-saving, intelligent, lightweight, outdoor indoor screen, and integration of decorative landscape and display screen.


1、 Oversize the screen


The rise and development of full-color LED display provides the basis and demand for the super-large screen. At present, in some specific markets, such as large advertising malls and large amusement parks, in order to attract more attention of advertising owners and audiences, large LED display screens have been vigorously built.

The largest LED display screen in the world has always set a record. According to the statistics of relevant data, there are currently seven classic cases of LED full-color display with large area in the world. First, Beijing Water Cube. The largest LED display building in the world, covering a total area of 12000 square meters, has attracted worldwide attention since its appearance. Second, Guangzhou Haixinsha windsurfing LED display. This important design of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games is the most representative work of the movable LED display in the world at present. It is the highest technology combined with high-tech full control, covering a total area of 8000 square meters. Third, Suzhou Yuanrong Times Square. Known as the world's first LED sky curtain, with a total length of 500 meters, is the longest known LED sky curtain in the world. It covers a total area of 7500 square meters and is located in the Times Square of Suzhou Industrial Park, thus becoming a new landmark of Suzhou. Fourth, Las Vegas Skyscreen Street. With a length of 400 meters and an area of more than 6000 square meters, it is one of the most prosperous local areas. Fifth, the sky curtain of Beijing World Trade. One of the commercial centers in Beijing, with a length of 250 meters and an area of 6000 square meters. Sixth, Chengdu Global Center Ocean Park. This is the project of indoor LED display, covering an area of 4080 square meters, and is currently the king of indoor full-color LED display in the world. Seventh, New York Times Square. This LED display screen with the building as the carrier is a very unique landscape in New York.


In the future, the oversized area of LED full-color screen will show more amazing projects, which is the trend of industry development and the progress of social development.


2、 HD high density

High definition and high density is the development trend of full-color screen display. In order to obtain better viewing effect, people need to change the picture of the display screen from simple full-color to lifelike, restore the authenticity of the color, and at the same time realize the comfortable and clear map image display on the smaller display screen as TV. Therefore, the high-definition display screen represented by high-density small-space LED display screen will be the future development trend.


Unlike the large-area display screen, the high-definition high-density full-color display is to pursue better display effect on a smaller screen.


3、 Energy-saving

Energy-saving is the direction that every industry in China is striving for. LED full-color screen involves the use of electricity and operating costs, so energy conservation is related to the interests of LED full-color screen operators, as well as the use of national energy. From the current situation, the energy-saving display screen will not increase much cost than the conventional display screen, and will save costs in the later use, which is highly praised by the market.

As an energy-saving LED display screen, it must be a comprehensive result of multiple indicators. The bright LED light, drive IC, switching power supply, product power consumption design, intelligent energy-saving system design and structural energy-saving design are related to the energy-saving effect. Therefore, the realization of energy-saving goals needs the joint efforts of the entire industry.


4、 Intelligence

The intelligence of LED full-color screen is reflected in the cooperation between display screen and intelligent operation, such as the new advertising mode of interactive game with pedestrians on the subway advertising screen. Through the intelligent sensing of LED display screen, people participating in the activity can complete all kinds of actions prompted on the screen, including making breakfast, playing games, etc. This intelligent and interactive advertising form has won the unanimous praise of the audience and will appear on more advertising screens in the future.


In addition, the LED full-color screen can also realize the experience mode of intelligent broadcast control, especially the LED display screen and modern electronic devices such as mobile phones and IPADs can realize the functions of remote on-demand and intelligent broadcast, which provides technical support for the more creative and modern use of the display screen in the future.


5、 Lightweight

In order to meet the needs of modern society, the LED full-color screen works hard on the internal quality of the product on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also works hard on the appearance, volume, weight and other external forms of the product. The lightweight full-color screen is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of the product, but also reduces the load on the supporting building objects, is more safe, and increases the aesthetic degree.

The thinness of LED full-color screen drives the trend of thinness of related devices and parts products, such as power supply products becoming thinner and thinner, and the box becoming thinner and thinner.


6、 Outdoor indoor screen

The development of outdoor advertising has created a wide application space for LED display screens. Traditional advertising media companies have strengthened the layout of outdoor display screens to seize the local business districts. Even LED display screen manufacturers are joining the outdoor advertising industry and directly participating in market competition.


The hot market of outdoor LED display screens has promoted the development of full-color surface display screens. Due to the complex installation environment and the high technical requirements of outdoor LED display, it is not only necessary to deal with all kinds of adverse climate changes, but also to protect against chemical gases such as automobile exhaust. Many years ago, almost all outdoor LED full-color screens were plug-in. The change of this trend is due to the progress of outdoor SMD technology. Compared with the direct-plug type, the outdoor full-color screen has obvious advantages in screen display, beauty, perspective, maintenance, etc., which is more suitable for outdoor use.

The outdoor full-color display gradually replaces the direct-insert products, and truly realizes the development trend of outdoor indoor display.


7、 Integration of decoration, landscape and display screen


When the buildings in the city are bold and innovative in the use of LED full-color displays, how to combine the display screen with the building more perfectly becomes the customer's requirement. In many cases, a building itself is an ingenious design. If you want to install LED displays on the periphery or surface of the building, you need to pay attention to the smart design of the screen style. At present, there are many customized LED displays that are designed according to the requirements of the building, such as LED transparent screens, also known as curtain screens or grid screens, which can effectively display the picture without blocking the building itself, and are beautiful in shape and complement each other. In the future, LED display will be built with modern decoration, landscape, lighting, etc. to form a better creative display of the city.


In addition to the above development trends, new highlights and trends will emerge in the LED display industry, such as more professional users, more mature service teams, and the gradual emergence of various emerging segments.






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