Things in the business display industry -- a brief history of intelligent evolution of devices with screens

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The term "business display" is still unfamiliar to the public. It is a commercial display device only when interpreted literally.
People who know a little about it may want to suddenly realize, "Oh, is that the kind of display screen? And the advertising machine?"
In order to let more people know about the business display industry, today we will talk about the business display industry.
First, explain what the business display industry actually includes:
Laser projection, digital signage, commercial TV, flat panel splicing, small pitch LED screen, single screen display, electronic whiteboard
In fact, the business display industry covers much more than you can imagine. In short, any device with a screen can be called a business display device.


For example, the ticket machine in the station

Digital signage in shopping malls

Queuing in the hospital

Various automatic payment machines


The business display industry has only a short history of more than ten years from the original single board to the current pan intelligence. 
During this period, the business display industry has experienced four stages:

Phase I: Paper to screen stand-alone board In 2002, 
the advertising machine produced by Toshiba, Japan, entered the Shenzhen Special Zone for the first time from Hong Kong and was installed on the bus, 
replacing the traditional advertising posters and light boxes for the first time, realizing paper to screen.

The second stage: The Internet of Everything version of Android system was launched from 2010 to 2011. 
Shimetai took the lead in developing Android MID-560, the first MID product in China.
From Android 1.0 to Android 7.1, from arm9 to cortex a73, many manufacturers have devoted themselves to developing Android systems, 
which are widely used in the business display industry. From a single machine to a network, 
the business display device has started the first step of the interconnection of everything.

The third stage: human-computer interaction intelligent version With the continuous progress of technology, 
the business display industry ushers in a new development stage - human-computer interaction.
From a simple advertising machine to an intelligent terminal, the hardware has become a touch screen, and a series of peripherals such as a card reader, 
a printer, and a camera have been added to make the function more powerful,
It is no longer limited to one-way communication; APP on software becomes more complex and diverse.
More and more diversified intelligent self-service terminals have come out to provide convenient services for people.

Stage IV: AI Smart Edition In recent years, AI has developed rapidly, and the increasingly mature technology has entered the commercial application stage.
AI endows the business display device with wisdom. Through AI, the business display device can listen, speak, see and think, realizing real intelligence.
The year 2017 can be regarded as the first year that the business display industry has officially entered the era of intelligence.
The smart business display has greatly improved the user's sense of experience and promoted the rapid popularization of business display devices.

Taking advantage of new retail and unmanned retail, Wisdom Business has gained a new round of development opportunities.
Which direction will the business display industry develop next?
In the era of Internet of Things, data will run at a high speed through the entrance of business display equipment,
 and the interaction and link between people, things, and cities will be more intelligent in the future,
The business display device will evolve from a single dimension of intelligence to more dimensions of intelligence.





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