Display is everywhere, creating a digital economy -- the future development trend of the new display industry

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Recently, at the 2022 World Display Industry Conference held in Chengdu, Liu Wenqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, released a report entitled "Insight into the Development Status and Trend of China's New Display Industry",
He said that the future development of China's new display industry will show six major trends.

The new display industry is the terminal foundation of the information age, the key field of the digital economy, and the basic, leading and strategic industry.
Over the past ten years, China's new display industry has achieved leapfrog development. It has gone through the process of starting, following and leading, and has embarked on a magnificent development path.
In terms of scale, the scale of China's new display industry continues to grow, with a compound annual growth rate of 25.8% from 2012 to 2021.
From the perspective of regional distribution, the four major regions of China's new display industry are developing together with their own characteristics, while the construction of production lines in the central and western regions is accelerating in recent years, which has great potential for growth.

"The rapid development of China's new display industry is inseparable from the support and efforts of local governments. Local government policies have promoted the industrialization of basic research and effectively guided the implementation and development of a multi-level innovation system for the new display industry."
Liu Wenqiang said that, facing the future, the future development of China's new display industry will present six major trends.

First of all, the enabling of digital economy shows the upgrading of industries and the expansion of digital economy.
The development of the digital economy leads the accelerated development of the new display industry. China clearly emphasizes the need to focus on key areas such as integrated circuits, new displays, and communication equipment, and accelerate the forging of long boards and complement the weak ones,
Cultivate a group of large enterprises with international competitiveness and ecological leading enterprises with industrial chain control power, and build an independent and controllable industrial ecology.
The theme of the 2022 World Display Industry Conference is "Display is everywhere, creating a digital economy."
Effective use of digital economy's amplification and multiplication effect on industrial upgrading will be the key to promote high-quality development of new display industry in the future.


Secondly, the supply chain of the new display industry is developing in a coordinated way, and there are great opportunities in the new era.
From the perspective of the global market, the global display industry panel is about 150 billion dollars, the whole industry chain is about 250 billion dollars, and China is about 90 billion dollars, accounting for about 37% of the world,
The global electronic information industry is about 10 trillion dollars, and the proportion of new display industry is still relatively low.
The huge scale of China's display industry will provide a huge market for the development of the industrial chain and supply chain. With the high-quality development of the new display industry, it is undoubtedly a huge market opportunity for display specific materials and equipment.

The third trend is that global industrial innovation is accelerating, and multi technologies are advancing side by side.
Technological innovation is always the main theme of the display industry. With the gradual expansion of the display field, consumers have put forward more differentiated demands for different display fields,
Laser and other new display industry technologies are still developing at a high speed, and various innovative technologies will emerge one after another.

The fourth trend is the diversification of product applications and the new direction of market development.
The new display is boosting the realization of intelligent display scenes at home, car, culture and education, medical and other tracks, and the application scenes will also be turned from indoor to outdoor, from individuals to groups,
From one-way output of information to intelligent interactive services, it is the so-called "display everywhere".

The fifth trend is that cluster development has obvious advantages and leads industrial innovation and breakthrough.
Building an advanced manufacturing cluster with international competitiveness has become an important direction for the development of the new display industry. At present, Chinese Mainland has formed several new display industry clusters in Chengdu, Hefei, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, etc,
By analyzing the leading enterprises in the industrial cluster, industrial chain integration, technological innovation and other indicator systems, we can clearly summarize and analyze the successful experience of these local innovation breakthroughs.

The sixth trend is to practice the concept of green development, and low carbon and environmental protection become the core driving force of new display technology.
Low carbon energy consumption of display panel is becoming the core indicator of display technology, as well as the key to energy saving of household appliances and intelligent terminal products.
Domestic display enterprises actively take measures to accelerate the construction of a green manufacturing system and strive to reduce energy consumption and emissions in production and manufacturing. Display has a profound impact on human visual health, for example, eye protection screen and other display technologies will receive more attention.


China has become an important engine for the development of the global display industry

At present, the global new display industry competition pattern is increasingly obvious, mainly focusing on East Asia.
In recent years, the panel capacity in Chinese Mainland has grown rapidly, exceeding 20000 square meters, accounting for about 60% of the world's total, ranking first in the world.
At the same time, from 2012 to 2021, the import and export volume of Chinese Mainland's panel industry has reversed, from a trade deficit of $14 billion in 2012 to a trade surplus of $8.5 billion in 2021,
It marks the transformation of China from a "small screen" to a "big screen producing country".

As the largest panel manufacturing base and R&D and application area, Chinese Mainland has become an important engine for the development of the global display industry.
Moreover, from the perspective of investment and financing distribution, Chinese Mainland is also the main investment area in the world's new display industry. According to incomplete statistics, the investment in the new display industry in Chinese Mainland has been close to 170 billion yuan in the past 18 months.


Liu Wenqiang pointed out that thanks to the construction of a large number of panel production lines, the local output value of China's new display special materials has increased year by year, and the current market share is about 30%,
Among them, liquid crystals, materials, optical films, targets, etc. have already had a certain scale, photoresists, etc. need to be reinforced, and glass substrate materials, etc. still have a large gap.
At the same time, the display equipment is mainly dependent on foreign manufacturers due to the influence of technology accumulation. The market share of display equipment in Chinese Mainland is only 5% at present,
Among them, module equipment, detection equipment and handling equipment have made some progress, but there are obvious gaps between array equipment and evaporation equipment, which need to be reinforced urgently.






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