Which large screen should be selected for display equipment in monitoring room

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A variety of display technology products are active in the domestic monitoring room display equipment market,
PDP plasma is easy to generate residue or even burn the screen when it is used in the security field or needs to display static images and images for a long time,
And the brightness attenuation is fast and the reliability is low, so it is rarely used in security monitoring.
At present, the most commonly used large screen splicing wall in the security monitoring field is DLP seamless splicing large screen wall and LCD LCD splicing wall.

DLP has a long history of development and a large promotion range, occupying the current main market.
However, with the appearance of LCD splicing curtain wall, its advantages of high definition, wide viewing angle, high brightness, long life and so on have gradually attracted users' attention,
It has gradually shown an upward trend in the application field of large screen display, especially in the aspect of small size monitoring, LCD splicing wall is more competitive.

The splicing technology of LCD splicing screen uses each unit as an independent splicing processing system,
Input a complete signal and control signal, which are processed by each unit independently, so as to ensure that the signal volume to be processed by each unit is small, and fully ensure the clarity of the image and the smoothness of the video.
In terms of monitors and large screen splicing walls, DLP and LCD have always had their own unique advantages,
This pattern may change rapidly in the future.


"Even if it does not become the terminator of DLP seamless splicing large screen wall technology, LCD splicing technology will also become the technology with the largest market share"
This is the unanimous view of many manufacturers in the LCD splicing wall industry.
Even the domestic leader in DLP splicing technology cannot ignore the great charm of LCD splicing products in different market segments.


Especially for the video command and dispatching center, the display equipment occupies the core position in the whole system,
All devices are designed to serve the final screen display. Quick and accurate release of instructions requires clear video information as a reference, so the requirements for screen display will be quite high.
In terms of picture display, it is required to support split screen display and also have picture splicing function.
In terms of physical environment and technical requirements, design principles such as progressiveness technology, high reliability and durability, good compatibility and scalability, and economic practicality should be followed.
LCD splicing screen is obviously more competitive.


Guided by the theories of system engineering, information engineering, automation control, etc., LCD LCD splicing display integrates display technology, splicing technology, multi screen image processing technology, multi-channel signal switching technology
The integration of network technology makes the whole system a large screen display system with high brightness, high definition, high intelligent control and convenient and fast operation.
It is organically integrated with video monitoring system, command and dispatching system, network communication system and other subsystems,
A set of information integrated management control platform with complete functions and advanced technology will be formed.






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