What is an interactive slide screen?

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What is an interactive slide screen? What kind of technology is the interactive slide screen?
What are the advantages of the interactive slide screen? Where is the interactive slide screen generally used? How do I use the interactive slide screen?
Let's answer these questions about the interactive slide screen one by one!


The working principle of the interactive slide screen is to slide on a slide similar to a coordinate axis through the display screen,
Trigger the detection signal at a specific location, so as to fully and completely display the content with background auxiliary content at different locations.
Simply speaking, it is to set slide rails on the wall and hang the slide screen screen. The wall can be either a picture or an LED screen,
Users can move the screen left and right, and when they move to the corresponding point, the relevant content will be displayed.


In addition to the sliding screen can automatically display information according to the system settings, the interactive slide screen can also achieve the effect of display content switching through human-computer interaction.


The slide rail screen can be divided into five types according to different signals: movable slide rail screen, electric slide rail screen, movable slide rail screen, inductive slide rail screen and rotary slide rail screen.


The slide screen interactive display software effectively combines electronic display with traditional display boards,
The unified display style enables human-computer interaction through the touch screen to enhance the interactive experience. The silent slide system enables the slide components to move steadily and comfortably without stumbling,
With these advantages, the slide screen interactive display software firmly sits in a large space to show the C position.


Composition of interactive slide screen display software


The slide screen interactive display software can be divided into three modules: slide system, interactive system and display software:
The quality of the slide rail system directly affects the application effect of the interactive display of the slide rail screen, especially for some large screen exhibition items. If the slide rail system is not well done, it is easy to cause problems such as screen shaking and noise in the whole set of exhibition items.
The slide screen interaction system is the key to achieve human-computer interaction and improve user experience,
In practical applications, touch screens with different sizes and interaction methods can be selected according to different customer needs and application scenarios,
It can be a capacitive screen or an infrared screen, a splicing screen or an all-in-one machine, a manual slide rail or an electric control.
In the process of sliding the screen, we will set the fixed point playing function according to the customer's needs, which can show more information to the audience through pictures, text, audio, video, virtual hosts and other materials.


The display software includes the background wall and the display software. The background wall is the sliding clue that runs through the entire display software, making the display theme clear and the context clear.
The display software is the information expansion of the background wall, and the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the interactive system. With the fixed-point playback function, it improves the user experience.


The application of slide screen display software can not only enrich the display content, but also add value such as the sense of science and technology of human-computer interaction and the aesthetics of sliding mode, which are important factors for many designers to promote the slide screen application.
According to the different sliding tracks of slide rail screen, it can be divided into horizontal slide rail, vertical slide rail, arc slide rail screen and rotary slide rail screen.

Generally, the interactive slide screen has two sliding modes, one is manual sliding, the other is automatic induction sliding (also electric sliding).
The two methods can be customized according to specific use requirements.
The manual push screen is usually used in interactive and rich application scenarios such as explanation and teaching. The electric screen can automatically follow the human body for display, and the sliding screen will follow visitors everywhere,
It displays the content of physical products in a sliding form, and graphics and 3D images are presented to the public in a new form, which is more interesting and scientific,
The latter is usually used in scenes with clear content classification, strong logic and fixed point playback,
For example, enterprise exhibition hall design, various museums, memorial halls, party building halls, legal publicity and education exhibition halls, school history halls and other exhibition spaces.






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