What is the LED transparent screen?

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For those who do not know much about the LED display industry, it is easy to mistake LED transparent screens for LED glass displays.
In fact, they are different products.
Now let's have a look!

LED transparent screen is a targeted improvement on the chip manufacturing process,
lamp bead packaging, and control system. With the hollow design structure, the permeability is greatly improved.
The LED transparent screen is an inorganic transparent luminous screen.
The main components (patch lamp beads) are mainly displayed by the lighting of the lamp,
so as to display various information such as text, image, animation and video;
When designing the display content screen, you can remove the unnecessary background color and replace it with black,
just display the content you want to express,
When playing, the black part does not emit light, and the effect is as transparent.


The hollow structure design of LED transparent screen reduces the obstruction of structural components
to the line of sight and improves the perspective effect. Integrate with the environment.
Some outdoor installations are conventional LED display screens, which are composed of multiple modules.
Installing an LED display screen is like a thick wall, which will block the scenery and light.
Due to the shortcomings of conventional screens in this regard,
LED R&D experts have made hollow design on the basis of conventional screens to increase the permeability.
The gap of grid screen can be further developed into LED strip screen, also known as grid screen,
ceiling screen, wall screen and curtain screen.


The LED transparent screen adopts advanced production and manufacturing technology,
breaks the defects of LED screen, and enables the LED transparent screen to achieve the characteristics of real moisture,
water, dust, UV resistance, etc,
The LED transparent screen can be used in any harsh outdoor environment.
LED transparent screen can be applied to most building glass curtain walls, and the design is compatible with any scene.
It does not take up space and is light in weight. The thickness of the motherboard is only 10mm.
Not only that, the LED transparent screen has a 50% - 90% transmittance,
ensuring the original daylighting and perspective function of the glass wall.
It also saves energy and environmental protection, does not need auxiliary cooling equipment,
and can save more than 30% - 50% energy than ordinary LED displays.
The LED transparent screen is convenient and fast to maintain, saving manpower and material resources.
Unlike the LED glass screen, it is almost impossible to maintain. The building structure needs to be removed
and the entire glass screen needs to be replaced.

The LED transparent screen has a unique display effect because of its transparent display background,
which makes the advertising screen give a visual effect of suspension on the glass curtain wall,
It not only has a good advertising effect but also has artistic effect.






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