Transparent display cabinet makes the product display more moving!

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Transparent screen display cabinet interactive display is a new display method based on transparent display screen, with touch and software video. It is an unconventional display. The transparent screen of the transparent display will develop a more pleasing human-computer interaction and make the information transmission appear in a more intuitive and clearer way. Because the transparent LCD display cabinet can perfectly combine the physical object with the multimedia video content, it can well attract the attention of consumers, thus achieving better publicity purposes. According to the environment, we can also customize a large size transparent splicing display cabinet, which is very suitable for displaying jewelry and various high-end goods in shopping malls and for displaying some cultural relics in the museum industry



Advantages of transparent LCD display cabinet:

1. Let the display effect be more perfect and harmonious, and present vivid and realistic visual effects for you. At the same time of product display, you can realize the vivid presentation of the broadcast content.

2. Realize the rapid development of display technology to drive the development of advertising industry, automobile industry, and large-screen projection display industry, and finally realize the industrialization of service to the public to create sustainable social benefits.

3. The imaging image quality is improved in an all-round way, avoiding the loss of image quality, brightness and clarity caused by light reflection imaging, and directly imaging without using the reflection imaging principle of light.

4. The appearance style is simple and fashionable, and the information is released in the form of media. The color transparent display of Toshi Technology can also display the physical objects, release the information, and interact with the feedback information of customers in time.

The transparent display screen can make the screen as transparent as glass. While maintaining transparency, it can also ensure the color richness and display details of the dynamic picture. Therefore, the interactive display device of the transparent display cabinet can not only allow users to view the exhibits behind the screen closely, but also allow users to interact with the dynamic information of the transparent display screen.





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