What external equipment does a complete LCD splicing screen system need

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Nowadays, the application of LCD splicing screen in the market is becoming more and more popular, and it has become the main auxiliary tool for various industries to improve work efficiency, improve service level, improve business efficiency, and improve brand image. As a terminal multimedia display device, the application field of LCD splicing screen is very broad, and it is still expanding. Generally speaking, a complete LCD splicing screen system is mainly composed of several small-sized splicing units combined with the required external equipment. Although the LCD splicing screen is also one of the important equipment as a terminal display device, other external equipment It is also indispensable, but strictly speaking, what external equipment is required for an LCD splicing system is determined according to the actual situation of the project. In general, what external equipment is required for splicing LCD screens? Next, the LCD splicing screen manufacturer Huayun Vision will popularize it for everyone.

1. Peripheral equipment

Peripheral equipment includes signal source desktop access system, cables, connectors, cabinets, power supply parts, etc.;

2. Centralized control equipment

There are many types of large-screen LCD splicing screens in the display system. The number of LCD splicing screens, the number of matrices, and the number of signal sources are relatively large. The centralized control device can better help you quickly process signal selection and switching, which is convenient and quick. Control the equipment operation process and quickly improve work efficiency and accuracy.

Three, signal processing equipment

The signal processing equipment includes signal source type conversion, signal switching, signal amplification and transmission, etc., which are very important for large-screen LCD splicing screen display.

Four, LCD splicing processor

The LCD splicing processor mainly determines the content and speed of the large-screen picture display. The quality of the processor will directly affect the processing speed of the signal source, the clarity of the picture, the quality of soft edge fusion, etc. It is on the LCD splicing screen Has an important role.

In general, the above four points are basically the external equipment required by the LCD splicing screen system. Of course, according to the actual needs of customers, more external devices can be added.






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