Display is ubiquitous, and multiple display technologies will coexist for a long time

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2020-09-21

With the arrival of the 5G era, the development trend of intelligence and the Internet of Things has become inevitable. 5G promotes industrial ecological layout and empowers new lives with smart technology. Lightweight IoT display devices that can connect multiple terminals such as 5G smartphones, wearable devices, televisions, computers, projection devices, car mounted displays, and smart homes will also attract further attention and actively layout. Smart products will evolve from single item intelligence to scene intelligence, achieving "screen interconnection" between smart devices. In terms of business, various industries such as remote healthcare and education, smart supermarkets, smart transportation, and smart cities will continue to emerge and rapidly implement applications. Display screens are ubiquitous, and multi screen development has become a trend. The demand for display screens is becoming increasingly large.


With the changing market demand, display technology is constantly developing and changing, and various panel companies are providing differentiated insights into consumer needs and promoting new display technologies, such as OLED, quantum dots, Mini LED, Micro LED, etc. The share of OLED is showing an increasing trend, and Korean factories are withdrawing from the LCD field and fully transitioning to the OLED track. However, OLED is currently mainly used in high-end smartphones, wearable devices, and other small size products with flexible display requirements due to its important shortcomings such as low yield, high cost, short lifespan, and unstable performance in medium and large size products. After OLED, a new generation of display forms such as Micro LED appeared. Leading display panel manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and BOE Technology actively researched and developed. However, due to their technical and application constraints, it is difficult to become the mainstream of the market at the moment. After deep cultivation, LCD technology is competing with OLED technology, which focuses on the high-end mobile phone market, and is applied in different markets and product fields. LCD technology remains the mainstream technology in the display industry. Industry insiders believe that in the next five to ten years, or even twenty to thirty years, the entire display industry will be a stage where multiple display technologies coexist. At this stage, there will be many new opportunities and new tracks will grow rapidly. Enterprises need to rely on differentiated technology, adjust their product architecture, and enhance their competitiveness in order to better respond to the dynamic market.






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