Happy news: "Shaoxing Hall of fame theme exhibition - Jianhu Yuetai famous scholars village" participated in the multimedia construction by our company won the excellent exhibition award of Zhejiang Museum

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The winners of the 14th (2019) Zhejiang Provincial Museum exhibition project were announced on June 4. The theme exhibition of Shaoxing Hall of Fame - Jianhu Yuetai famous people's village, led by Shaoxing culture, radio, television and Tourism Bureau, organized and implemented by Shaoxing Museum and participated in multimedia construction by Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd., won the excellent exhibition award of Zhejiang Museum.



Review site

The promotion of the Provincial Museum exhibition projects was organized by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of cultural relics, with 45 state-owned museums participating in the evaluation. Through the examination of application conditions, preliminary evaluation, publicity and final evaluation, a total of 10 excellent prizes, 10 winning prizes, 3 special prizes for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and 2 excellent prizes for international cooperation have been generated.



The theme exhibition of Shaoxing Hall of fame is "Jianhu Yuetai town of famous scholars", which systematically combs the development of Shaoxing historical and cultural celebrities, and selects 150 Shaoxing celebrities of all ages, 178 Shaoxing academicians of the two academies and celebrities from all walks of life to display.





Shaoxing Hall of fame theme display "Jianhu Yuetai famous scholar town"

Since the commencement of construction in July 2019, the Municipal Bureau of culture, broadcasting and tourism and Shaoxing museum have formed a preparation team. Under the circumstances of tight time, heavy tasks and high requirements, relying on the indomitable will, the spirit of undertaking something and the mission of giving up one's own, they have worked day and night to overcome difficulties, such as completing the construction and Exhibition tasks.


City leaders unveil the Shaoxing Hall of fame


During the preview last year, the Shaoxing Hall of fame received visits and guidance from students from Beijing and Shanghai, including Peking University Teachers and students delegation, Tsinghua University practice team, Shanghai primary and secondary school research group, and more than 40 units in Shaoxing, which was unanimously recognized and praised.



Visiting team

This award is not only the affirmation and recognition of the hard work of Shaoxing Museum in preparing for the establishment of Shaoxing Hall of fame, but also the spur. We believe that "Jianhu Yuetai town of famous scholars" will certainly inspire the enthusiasm of the masses of the people to love Shaoxing, build Shaoxing and inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture.


 Shaoxing Hall of fame

Shaoxing Hall of fame won the excellent exhibition award of Zhejiang Museum, which is not only the honor of Shaoxing Hall of fame, but also the honor of Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd., the recognition of hall of fame display and the recognition of Huayun vision multimedia construction. Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. will make continuous efforts to create more perfect products and services for customers and friends in the multimedia exhibition industry.

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