Under the tide of new infrastructure construction, the great opportunity of smart commercial display screen

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Under the current economic situation, the central government has decided to launch "new infrastructure" to stimulate the economy. I believe that everyone has been frequently screened by "new infrastructure" in the near future. The new infrastructure includes seven major areas, including 5g construction, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit.


In the wave of new infrastructure construction, smart commercial display industries such as LCD splicing screen, led small spacing, digital signs, intelligent medical terminals will usher in great opportunities.

5G Build

The arrival of 5g era will fully open the era of Internet of all things. The Internet of everything needs intelligent display terminals, which will bring huge market demand for intelligent commercial display industry.

Driven by 5g, remote conference, remote education, telemedicine and other industry applications have made rapid development, but also brought the popularization and application of intelligent commercial display terminals.


Big data center construction

Data is a national basic strategic resource. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development and application of big data, and the visualization of big data has become an important research topic. Huayun vision LCD splicing screen, led small spacing and other intelligent commercial display integrated independent information processing system provide efficient solutions for big data display.

A big data control center

Artificial intelligence construction

As one of the important fields of new infrastructure construction, it can be applied to many fields of industry, thus promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and accelerating regional economic development. In the process of the development of artificial intelligence industry gradually entering the fast lane, data display analysis and scene simulation are important links, and intelligent display terminal plays a role in boosting the momentum.

Industrial Internet Construction

China is a big manufacturing country, industrial Internet also has a wide range of application scenarios. It is estimated that the scale will reach trillions in 2020, and Huayun vision smart commercial display can be used as the display terminal of the industrial Internet platform, with great potential in 2020.


Digital Kanban in a workshop

UHV construction

As a key part of new infrastructure construction, UHV has its growth space and trend determined throughout the year. In the process of building and operating an efficient smart grid, Huayun vision smart commercial display is widely used. Digital signage, real-time display, remote control, timely and efficient information transmission; splicing of large screen system, remote monitoring and command, such as on-site, intelligent control, improve service quality.


Remote command room of an enterprise

Intercity High Speed Railway and urban rail transit construction

Huayun vision smart commercial display is widely used in high-speed railway stations and subway stations all over the country. Public places, entrance, exit, waiting and other links provide visual guidance for passengers; office meetings, large screen HD system, staff easy communication, efficient command, so as to better serve the people and give back to the people.



Ticket center of a high speed railway station






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