Huayun horizon -- one day tour of Wutong Mountain

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2020-05-18

In May 2020, in order to relieve the work pressure of employees and enrich their spare time cultural life, the company will let everyone exercise and enjoy the beautiful and pleasant scenery of nature after work. Shenzhen Huayun horizon Technology Co., Ltd. organized a one-day tour of Wutong Mountain. 


Wutong Mountain is located in the eastern part of Shenzhen. It is one of the scenic spots in Shenzhen. It is a beautiful and tall mountain. Indus is the first peak of Pengcheng. The altitude is the highest, so it's better to climb high and look far. Wutong Mountain's cloud landscape is luxuriant and its valleys are deep, forming a complex and superior microclimate. Due to the proximity to the sea, the rising air flow forms unpredictable clouds. Here, you can see the panorama at a glance. Sometimes, the clouds pass under your feet, which gives you a sense of wonder and novelty. 



Our choice is to take one of the four most classic climbing paths, Bitong road. Bi Tong Road was officially completed in September 2007. It is the longest distance mileage, the most perfect facilities and the most challenging physical climbers of all mountaineering roads in Wutong Mountain scenic area. Along the ridge line partly hidden and partly visible, the mountain road is very steep and steep. It is attracting people to step closer and reveal its mysterious veil.



At the moment of climbing to the top of the mountain, I can see far away and feel a thousand emotions. It's really "I want to be poor for thousands of miles, and go to a higher level". The feeling of standing high is really wonderful. Although very tired, it has gained a lot. It not only exercises the body, but also hones the will, broadens the vision, strengthens the cohesion of our team, and enhances the friendship between employees.





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