Advantages of Surface Splicing Screen

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2019-03-11

      The progress of science and technology has not only opened the era of large screen in the field of media information, but also introduced a new surface splicing screen with the continuous maturity of information technology. Surface splicing screen is not only clearer than traditional screen in overall display effect, but also has various advantages. Therefore, more and more multimedia enterprises choose surface splicing screen. Next, we will explain in detail the advantages of surface splicing screen.

          High-definition mosaic screen is better than traditional screen in both the display degree and the clarity of picture quality. The popular surface mosaic screen not only has the advantages of large-scale mosaic screen, but also the design of surface screen can bring more stereoscopic and realistic display effect. The integrated flexible screen is more in line with the natural habits of human eyes and brings viewers. More shocking and comfortable visual experience.

          Can give people a comfortable film experience. The optimum viewing point of the surface splicing screen is on its central vertical line, and the distance from the surface splicing screen is equal to the curvature. Research shows that when people's eyes are in the same position to each point of the object they see, the time of moving from one point to another is shorter than that of stitching screen, and the fatigue of watching movies will be greatly reduced, which is especially conducive to the playback of 3D video. Therefore, the first-class surface splicing screen is first used in large amusement parks, game studios and art exhibition halls, which brings the audience a unique feeling of watching movies.

     First-class surface splicing screen uses narrow edges for screen splicing. This kind of technology makes the screen without delay, the screen motion is natural and smooth, and the highest output of 3840X2160 high resolution makes the color performance more vivid. In addition, because the design surface of the surface splicing screen is a curved surface, the space occupied by the screen is smaller than other traditional screens, and it is convenient to place.

      The surface splicing screen with good reputation will also be made of true 4K glass. Innovative technology makes the product play a better performance and durability more durable. Surface stitching screen with good quality has good sealing, dust-proof and waterproof characteristics, and can provide a broader visual tracking range, which can bring enough immersion experience to people whether in multimedia game experience or in film and television effect.

     Because the surface splicing screen has the advantages mentioned above, it can play a huge role in advertising media publicity and event planning. The surface splicing screen has superior performance while bringing people extraordinary visual feast, which is undoubtedly the first choice of propaganda and display tools in many fields such as information media in the future.





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