What are the advantages of the curved panel over the flat panel LCD panel?

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According to the literal meaning, the surface splicing screen is different from the general splicing screen "plane" in this feature. It has a certain degree of radian, and now many exhibition display industries have used the surface splicing screen design. Surface splicing screens are used in cinemas, large-scale exhibition screens or exhibition screens in ocean halls.

What are the advantages of surface splicing screen over "flat" LCD splicing screen?

  1. "Surface" as its name implies is that it itself has a certain arc, a single screen is a surface. The curvature of three different sizes of curved surface screens introduced by Samsung are 49 inches/55 inches R=3000 and 65 inches R=4000. It brings different visual experience to the audience on the traditional "flat" display.

  2. Comfortable eye protection. Because the curvature of the surface splicing screen is similar to that of the human eye, the eyes can see the whole picture while viewing, while the ordinary flat screen only has the middle part to see the whole picture. The two sides of the screen are losing, which is not conducive to viewing.

  3. 4K (3840*2160) resolution, better display effect, which is also one of the highlights of the three-star surface splicing screen. The surface LCD splicing panel is made of 4K glass with a resolution of 3840*2160(4K) and a pixel spacing of 0.630*0.630. The image is segmented and enlarged without distortion in real time. Compared with the 1920*1080 resolution of traditional LCD splicing screen, it is incomparable.

  4. Fluency. The main difference between surface splicing screen and common splicing screen is the smoothness of screen lines displayed after installation.






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