What are the reasons for light and liquid leakage of LCD splicing screen

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-01-15

LCD splicing screen has been widely used in various industries and different scenes, and has been recognized and praised by the majority of consumers. However, LCD splicing screen is an electronic product after all. In the process of long-term use, there will occasionally be some failures, such as light leakage and liquid leakage. Although these problems are very uncommon, we still need to know something about them. Next, we will give you a brief introduction to the causes of these two problems

First of all, let's talk about the leakage. There are several reasons for leakage

1、LCD splicing screen factory inspection, transportation, installation is not in place. LCD splicing screen generally goes through specific quality inspection when it leaves the factory to prevent unqualified products from flowing out of the factory, but occasionally there will be mistakes. Of course, this situation is rare, and it is more likely that there are extrusion, collision and other situations leading to liquid leakage in the factory transportation. Of course, there is also a case of bumping in the installation process, or unexpected liquid leakage due to the extrusion of the screen due to the problem of the bracket.

2、The frame is corroded by moisture. The leakage problem of LCD splicing screen may also be due to the Moisture Corrosion of LCD splicing screen frame. Therefore, we must regularly maintain and clean the splicing screen in the process of use. And the surrounding environment should be kept dry, if there is a lot of moisture for a long time, it will also accelerate the corrosion of the frame.

3、Water and detergent flow into the screen. If we don't pay attention to the water or detergent flowing into the inside of the screen when cleaning, it will also cause the liquid leakage of the LCD splicing screen. So we'd better use special detergent and cleaning tools when cleaning, so as to better ensure that the LCD screen will not leak because of liquid flowing into the screen body.

 In addition to the liquid leakage phenomenon, the LCD splicing screen can occasionally appear a light leakage phenomenon. General display will have more or less light leakage, this is a normal phenomenon. However, the small area of light leakage does not affect the normal use of LCD splicing screen. However, if the light leakage of LCD splicing screen is serious, the manufacturer can be asked to replace it.

Huayun vision reminds you: when the above phenomenon appears on the LCD splicing large screen, users are forbidden to disassemble the screen by themselves, but should contact the manufacturer for after-sales treatment at the first time. Because light leakage, liquid leakage and other phenomena are not repairable, the best solution for users is to contact the manufacturer's Engineer for after-sales treatment.






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