What are the advantages of 0.88 LCD splicing screen and small space LED screen

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Nowadays, choose a large-screen display product. LCD splicing screen and LED screen are two mainstream products that cannot be avoided. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. From the perspective of the entire industry, 0.88 LCD splicing screen and small-pitch LED screen can be regarded as the two most important large-screen display devices in terms of cost performance and market performance. Although there are still some customers in the industry who use projection Or a large DLP screen, but these two products cannot match the above two in terms of technical advantages or functional performance. Relatively speaking, what are the advantages of 0.88 LCD splicing screen and small-pitch LED screen?

1. The advantages of 0.88 LCD splicing screen

1. HD
High-definition display is a great technical advantage of 0.88 LCD splicing screen, thanks to its own LCD liquid crystal display technology, so that the resolution of its single screen can reach 1920*1080, even after splicing Achieve 4K and higher resolution display, so that the image presented on it is clearer, and the resolution of various high-definition film sources can be restored.

2. Rich colors
The contrast ratio of the LCD screen is very high, and it can present richer colors, which is why most display products use liquid crystal.

3. Moderate brightness
The screen brightness of the 0.88 LCD splicing screen is the same as that of a home TV. It will not be dazzling for long-term viewing. It is a very gentle display. In order to meet the needs of use in places with better lighting, it also provides bright products.

4. The panel is stable, reliable, and less after-sales
Liquid crystal technology is currently the most stable display technology. Of course, the 0.88 LCD splicing screen also inherits this point, so the after-sales situation after installation is very small, even in the monitoring room that does not shut down throughout the year, it can be completed perfectly Display work and reduce post-sales expenses.

5. Powerful split-screen display
0.88 LCD splicing screen can use a single screen as the display unit after splicing, so as to realize the purpose of displaying multiple signals at the same time. For example, if there are 4 computer signals, we can put them on the large screen at the same time to achieve multiple signals at the same time. , And can be switched arbitrarily, and the display function is also diversified, which can realize the whole screen, split screen, single screen split, etc.

2. Advantages of small-pitch LED screen

1. No stitching
No matter how spliced, LED will not have the seam problem like 0.88 LCD splicing screen, which is also its great advantage, so the entire large screen will be more integrated when displaying the picture, without a sense of division.

2. Available both outdoors and indoors
The small-pitch LED screen can reach the waterproof level, so it can be used not only indoors, but also in outdoor environments, and it is waterproof and sunscreen. Since it is facing the sun, you can also increase the brightness of the screen itself by adjusting the brightness. The user can clearly see the content displayed above.

Different display advantages also determine the different applications of 0.88 LCD splicing screen and small-pitch LED screen. 0.88 LCD splicing screen is mainly used for indoor large screens, such as small and medium-sized conference rooms, enterprise exhibition halls, multimedia platforms, etc., while small-pitch LEDs The screen is mainly used for advertising, command centers, press conferences and other occasions.






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