Zhongshan Vanke Baiyue Bay 55 inch LCD splicing screen project, Shenzhen Huayun shijie Technology Co., Ltd. splicing screen case.

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2018-08-22

Shenzhen Huayun shijie Technology Co., Ltd. LCD splicing screen supplier and Vanke Baiyue Bay jointly created a 55-inch 3.5 splicing LCD splicing project has been completed perfectly.

In this project cooperation, according to the specific planning requirements of customers, Huayun shijie Field Technical Engineer has made a 3*4 large screen made up of 12 < strong > 55 inch splicing units splicing units for Huayun Visual Field, which adopts 3D picture quality digital processing circuit technology and 3D number. Comb filtering and 3D digital image denoising, 6MS extreme response time and other technologies, with 1920 *1080 high resolution, 178 degrees wide viewing angle and high quality effectively ensure the output image effect. The 55 inch LCD splicing unit of Huayun horizon adopts LCD true color LCD screen, supports 1080P full HD digital video, has stable display performance and long service life up to 60000 hours. It meets the user's requirements for large screen display equipment and highly evaluates its stability performance.

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