Xining State Taxation Bureau Samsung 55 inch LCD splicing screen installation project - Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. LCD splicing screen manufacturer case.

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Shenzhen liquid crystal splicing screen manufacturers: Shenzhen Huayun horizon Technology Co., Ltd. Xining State Taxation Bureau's second set of Samsung 55 inches 1.7 ultra-narrow side LCD splicing screen, this splicing screen project uses Samsung 55 inches ultra-narrow side LCD splicing screen to create a 5 times 3 wall hanging LCD splicing wall.

【Xining National Taxation Bureau's first set of liquid crystal mosaic screen】 
LCD splice screen product application area

Monitoring center:

Monitoring, command and control center for public security, finance, energy, transportation, coal mines, government, enterprises, etc.

Public display:

Airport, railway, subway, highway and other transportation industries, libraries, museums, zoos, shopping malls and other exhibition sites

Business Demo:

Television studios, large-scale performances and commercial exhibitions, Hotel lobbies, office halls of enterprises and institutions, conference rooms

Scientific research military:

Scientific research institutions, medical institutions, military operations command, and meteorological geographical survey.
【55 inch 1.7 LCD mosaic screen parameters details】





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