Qingte Group exhibition hall 46 inches 3.5 LCD splice screen and LCD advertising machine project case - Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. LCD splice screen manufacturers case.

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Qingte Group Exhibition Hall 46 inch 3.5 LCD splicing screen and LCD advertising machine project case - Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

46 inch LCD splice wall,The picture is grand, colorful, high definition, strong visual impact, with a good display, demonstration, advertising, publicity effect; easy to install, free of space restrictions. The 46-Inch LCD splicing wall is widely used in video surveillance, traffic control, security surveillance, national defense, stage entertainment, television studios, stock securities, large-scale exhibitions, shopping malls, banks, office halls, company greeting screens, monopoly stores, dispatching commands and so on.

Samsung 46 inch 3.5 LCD mosaic screen parameters 

Qingdao Qingte Group's cultural exhibition hall is divided into five parts: the preface hall, the first exhibition hall and the fourth exhibition hall. The exhibition line is smooth, and the combination of a variety of decoration and Exhibition materials, thus highlighting the overall calm atmosphere of the exhibition style. On the content display, the exhibition hall closely follows the development of the times, combing the development thread of the enterprises from the initial stage to the development stage, then to the brand strategy stage and the diversification and internationalization strategy stage, not only to help visitors quickly understand the development process of the enterprises, but also to communicate. Enterprises should go forward and become bigger and stronger.
Qingte Group has successively won the honorary titles of “National Machinery Industry Advanced Group”, “First Batch of Outstanding Private Enterprise in China”, “National Automobile and Auto Parts Export Base”, “Most Influential Brand in China’s Machinery Industry”, “China’s Top Ten Enterprises with Self-owned Brand in Auto Parts”, and “★★★★ Enterprise in China's Auto Service Star Appraisement”, etc. 






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