P5-16s (480 × 480) indoor LED display

P5-16s (480 × 480) indoor LED display

1. High pixel, good flatness, uniform picture, delicate and vivid picture quality, pure color.

2. High gray level, high refresh, and realistic video quality in the studio.

3. Safety performance structure, reinforced design is not easy to deform.

4. Large-angle imaging display technology to meet the wide-angle viewing without color cast.

5. Can be designed and maintained on the front and back, light and fast, and easy to maintain.

6. Three-in-one surface mount provides a wider viewing angle and adapts to a closer viewing distance.

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产品详情 & 参数

P5-16S Main Technical Parameters of Indoor LED Display Screen
Physical point spacing of 5mm Unit board size 160X160 mm Unit box size 480 × 480mm
Physical density 40000 points/㎡ Luminous point color 1R1G1B Unit board resolution 32 * 32=1024 DOTS
Unit board weight 0.2 kg
Box resolution 96 * 96 Box area 0.2304m ² Aluminum box weight 6.94KG ± 0.05KG
Main technical parameters
Optimal sight distance of 5m to 30m Visual angle horizontal ≥ 160 ° optional Vertical ≥ 160 ° optional
Average power consumption < 350W/㎡ Maximum power consumption < 800w/㎡ Control method: synchronous control
Graphics card DVI graphics card Drive mode 1/16 scan Switching frequency ≥ 60Hz
Refresh frequency ≥ 300Hz White balance brightness ≥ 1800cd/㎡ Working voltage (AC)
Brightness adjustment method Brightness sensing automatic adjustment 16 level adjustable
Software manual adjustment: 100 levels adjustable 100
Computer operating system
WIN98, WINXP, WIN2000, etc
Video signal
control system
PCTV card (optional) DVI graphics card main control card fiber optic transmission (optional)
Mean time between failures ≥ 5000 hours Service life 75000-100000 hours Pixel loss rate < 0.0002 pieces
Project classification PH5-16S Packaging form: three in one LED packaging method 3528






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