Lg55 inch 0.88mm case of Zhangye Forestry Bureau

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2019-08-26

Zhangye City Forestry Bureau, located in Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, is the working department of the People's Government of Zhangye City. As a government work department, it is very important for the real-time communication of service information and important instructions. The display screen needs high-definition resolution to support. After layer-by-layer screening, the quality and service of the Huashi Siyuan brand are finally determined. It is far from Huayun Vision's own brand, genuine original Samsung and LG panels, factory direct sales, no middlemen, home installation, nationwide warranty for one year, and many other guarantees.

After the project is determined, the company arranges professionals to immediately consider the actual situation on the site and consider many aspects. Developed a 55-inch 0.88mm split LCD splicing screen project plan for Zhangye Forestry Bureau-LG original industrial-grade DID LCD screen 55-inch 0.88mm, 3x4 ultra-narrow split LCD splicing screen, using cabinet installation, with LED Simple, beautiful and atmospheric.

55-inch 0.88mm spliced LCD splicing screen: uniform brightness of the panel, stable image, no distortion and low power consumption. Ultra-narrow stitching edge seam 0.88mm, 16.7M color, truly reproduce every detail; 5ms fast response, avoid tailing phenomenon, smooth playback; viewing angle of more than 178 °, full viewing; military-grade components, support 24 Hours × 365 days of uninterrupted work, with a service life of more than 60,000 hours; low energy consumption, zero radiation, stable images, no effect on the eyes, environmental protection and health;

Both parties agreed that the plan was feasible, and then Huayun Vision immediately dispatched professionals to Zhangye for installation. During the installation process, China Cloud Vision staff will patiently answer some common questions in the future.

The project has now succeeded successfully. After passing the trial work, verification, acceptance and other processes, Zhangye City Forestry Bureau expressed extreme recognition and praise for Huayun Vision. Both the installation speed and the quality of the LCD splicing screen made them very satisfied. They solved a big problem.

It can be fully affirmed by the users, which is the result of the correct guidance phalanx formulated by the company leaders and the joint efforts of all employees. Huayun Vision integrates the affirmation of users into actual work, strictly guards every level and production process, provides customers with better products and better services, and is committed to being called the leader of the industry. Cutting-edge brand.

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