LG 49 "LCD splicing screen (3.5mm splicing)

LG 49 "LCD splicing screen (3.5mm splicing)

Huayun vision hs-4935pd adopts LG original imported screen, with bilateral seam of 3.5m m, resolution of 1920 × 1080, brightness of 450 CD / m2, supporting 1080p Full HD digital video display.

Widely used in security, command center, entertainment industry, enterprise display, advertising media, exhibition center, factories and mines, electric power, water conservancy, education, organ units, military and other industries。

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产品详情 & 参数

Huayun Vision - LG 49 inch LCD splicing screen (3.5mm stitching)
Specification and model: HS-4935PD (450 brightness 3.5mm seam)

The HS-4935 narrow edge splicing screen adopts IPS hard screen technology, which has a wide field of view and can fully display the image quality from any angle; When touching the screen, there will be no residual images or flash points, achieving stable image quality; At the same time, LG's exclusive Algorithm (VIC) technology is adopted to ensure consistent image quality and color perception across various images. Even if multiple splicing screens are installed, stable and high-quality images can still be presented.

【 HS-4935PD LCD Splicing Unit Specification Parameters 】

[Screen parameters]

Panel type

Original LG splicing screen (A-level)

Physical stitching


Screen size

49 inches

Backlight type


Screen Scale

16: 9


450 cd/m ²

Appearance size

one thousand and seventy-seven point six × six hundred and seven point eight × 55.6 mm

contrast ratio


Display size

one thousand and seventy-three point seven eight × 604 mm

Display Color


Physical resolution

one thousand nine hundred and twenty × one thousand and eighty

response time


Pixel spacing

zero point five five nine two six × 0.55926 mm

Scanning frequency


viewing angle

Up and down 178 °, left and right 178 °

Backlight life

≥ 50000 hours

Function Overview

Splicing method

M × N flexible splicing, horizontal screen splicing, vertical screen splicing, can achieve 15 rows and 15 columns, beautiful and elegant

Display function

Full screen splicing, any combination, single screen display (cross screen roaming, image overlay optional)

Display effect

High brightness, high color gamut, and high contrast ensure perfect display effects;

Display Color

16.7M color, realistic reproduction of every detail;

viewing angle

Visible angle of over 178 ° for all-round viewing

response speed

8ms extremely fast response to avoid lag and trailing

image processing

10bit image chip processing technology, 3D digital filtering and 3D digital noise reduction technology;

product quality

Military grade components, supporting 24 hours × 365 days of uninterrupted work;

Support resolution

1080P and Backward compatibility

Operation mode

Professional large screen control software (RS232 communication mode)

software function

Efficient management through control software switch on/off, signal switching, mode switching, Chinese menu

Menu Language

Chinese, English

green product

Low energy consumption, zero radiation, stable image, no impact on eyes, environmentally friendly and healthy

Signal support

VGA input

1 channel VGA input

DVI input

1 channel DVI input

HDMI input

1 channel HDMI input

Composite video input

2 BNC inputs and 1 BNC loop out

Level networking port

1 RJ45-8 input and 2 RJ45-8 outputs (RS232 protocol)

Color difference input


S-terminal input


Working Environment

Power input

AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Working power consumption

≤ 82.1W

standby power

≤ 1W

Operating temperature

0 ℃~50 ℃

Storage temperature

-20 ℃~60 ℃

Common installation methods for splicing screens:






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