Xinjiang Aksu intelligent fire control command center 49 inches 3.5 LCD splice screen project installation - Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. LCD splice screen manufacturer.

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LG49 inch 3.5 LCD splicing screen project installation of Xinjiang Aksu Intelligent Fire Control Command Center - Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. LCD splicing screen manufacturer.

LCD splicing screen can be used as a monitor and can be used as a super screen. According to different use requirements, it can realize the functions of variable size and variable size: single screen segmentation display, single screen display, arbitrary combination display, full-screen LCD splicing, double splicing LCD splicing, vertical screen display, image frame can be compensated or covered, supporting digital signal roaming, zooming and stretching, cross-screen display. It shows that all kinds of display plans are set up and run, and all HD signals are processed in real time.

Xinjiang 49 inch LCD mosaic screen project case

"Intelligent fire fighting system" is an intelligent fire fighting wireless alarm network service system which integrates GPS (Global Satellite Positioning System), GIS (Geographic Information System), GSM (Wireless Mobile Communication System) and computer, network and other modern high-tech. It has successfully solved the problem of coordinated development of telecommunications, construction, power supply, transportation and other public facilities, changed the traditional, backward and passive alarming, receiving and dealing with the police in the past due to the interconnection of fire control command center and user units, and realized the alarm automation, intelligence, pre-planning and management network. The specialization of service and the modernization of science and technology have greatly reduced the intermediate links, greatly increased the speed of policing, and truly achieved convenience, speediness, safety and reliability, so that the safety of people's lives and property and the safety of policemen's lives can be protected to the maximum extent.





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