Shenzhen City LCD splice screen manufacturer Huayun vision: a police station monitoring system display terminal - 49 inch LCD splice screen project.

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2014-10-26
Shenzhen City LCD splicing screen manufacturer Huayun vision: a police station LCD monitoring splicing project, using 9 pieces of 49 inches 1.8 splicing LCD splicing screen combination of 3 *3 splicing wall.

49 inch ultra narrow side LCD mosaic screen

The splicing screen is designed with industrial level and works continuously for eighty thousand hours with stable performance.
Liquid crystal mosaic screen super narrow edge design, double side seam 1.8mm
Built in splicing controller can realize image mosaic and display function.
Use 3D digital image processing kernel to monitor more details.
Signal interface is complete, support CVBS (BNC), HDMI, VGA, DVI input.
Computer centralized control can be adjusted by computer.
Splicing unit full metal shell, anti static, anti magnetic field, strong electric field interference
Standard cabinet installation structure, standardization and modularization can realize quick splicing installation.





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