Hs-h.265 splice processor

Hs-h.265 splice processor

Can achieve a variety of different signal sources on the wall display

Support picture multi-layer overlay, roaming, arbitrary stitching, zoom display,

Supports online replacement of basemap, subtitle scrolling, computer desktop push, network camera decoding, audio and video switching output and other functions

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The HS-H.265 splicing processor is a signal processing device designed for multi signal switching in large screen video processing. It can display various different signal sources on the wall, support multi layer overlay, roaming, arbitrary splicing, zoom display, support online replacement of base images, subtitle scrolling, computer desktop push, network camera decoding, audio and video switching output, and other functions. The device is designed with highly integrated functions, Integrating video and audio acquisition and processing, central control, mobile app control, and visualization control into a single device, it meets the needs of security decoding display, conference systems, and other fields.


Telecom grade appearance Fully rack mounted, telecom grade design, all aluminum chassis, anti-static design, fully hot swappable module, cold treated airflow guide design, intelligent fan automatic temperature regulation
Signal input Single card 1 * HDMI, expandable DVI, VGA, CCVBS
Audio input and output Single card 1 * 3.5mm interface, 1 * 3.5mm output
Single card output interface 2 * HDMI
Massive network IPC signal access Support H.265 encoding from different manufacturers, Backward compatibility H.264 private protocol, management decoding output of digital analog mixed monitoring images, and support access to standard ONVIF and RTSP standard streams
Character stacking function Subtitles can be displayed at any position on any screen, and font size can be adjusted. Different scrolling display modes can be displayed in transparency and color to achieve digital signage on the screen.
Ultra high definition base image background Online screen base replacement, with a maximum image resolution of 4096 * 2160
Network desktop push Supports 3840 * 2160 resolution display, and the screenshot system supports the Windows operating system
Central control integration RS232 interface
network interface RJ45 10/100/1000M Ethernet adaptive
working temperature -30 ℃~60 ℃
Working humidity 30% -90%
Power supply power 400W
size 5U chassis 200W 8U chassis 400W 8U chassis optional redundant power supply 500W
weight 5U: 483 * 269 * 350 (MM) 8U483 * 300 * 355 (MM)






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