China Aviation Museum LG 55 "1.7mm 3x3

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2019-11-08

China Aviation Museum is the first batch of national first-level museums, patriotic education bases, the first batch of national defense education demonstration bases, popular science education bases, and national AAAA-level tourist attractions. It is the top five in the world and the first in Asia. Large-scale aviation professional museum integrating science, technology, research, garden and tourism.

Project Name: China Aviation Museum
Installation size: LG 55 inch LCD splicing screen 1.7mm patchwork 3X3 nine splicing screen
Installation method: hydraulic front maintenance bracket
Installation address: Beijing

This project adopts LG original industrial grade 55-inch LCD screen 1.7mm ultra-narrow patchwork, complete 3×3 splicing display equipment, hydraulic front maintenance bracket installation, and complete installation and construction in Beijing China Aviation Museum Hall. The overall simplicity, beauty and atmosphere.
On November 8, 2019, the 70th Anniversary of China Aviation Museum was tested by Premier Xi Jinping. The exhibition was recognized by the commander and praised by the Air Force Chief. This is not only the honor of the China Aviation Museum, but also the honor of our Huayun Vision.

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